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In July 2017, something extraordinary happened:

I was privileged to hold a First Degree Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Attunement.

It was the first Attunement I’ve held since we’ve moved to Colorado, and the first I’ve held in the past 5 years.

Let me say that that’s a long time for energy to build — it was one of the most powerful Attuenments I’ve ever given.

Three amazing women took part, each of them bringing their own unique spark and wisdom to the event.  By the end of the weekend (yes, a Traditional Level One Reiki Attunement takes 2 full days, not just 1, and certainly not half of (or less than) a day), all three women’s hands were opened.  In sum, over the entire weekend, each of them had sat still for what amounted to hours, while I asked Source Light (some call it ‘God,’ some call it ‘Universal Consciousness,’ some call it ‘The Holy Spirit’) to move through them, to cleanse and clarify patterns and blockages and other “things” that were in the way of their fullest health and becoming.

A week prior to the Attunement, their cleanse had begun, as we all experienced the growing power of the Energy that had begun to build.

For 21 days after the Attunement, then, that cleanse not only continued, but increased in both power and focus.  For all of the women, old issues resurfaced, both physical and emotional, as the Energy encouraged release of what no longer served them.  For one of those women, those 21 days were more uncomfortable than any she’d had in years.  For another, they were filled with bliss and awakening.  For a third, it it was a mix of both mild physical discomfort and spiritual flowering.  After the 21 days were over, the women’s physical symptoms diminished, and will continue to do so, while the spiritual growth continues, and they move into new and higher levels of health.

Why was each woman’s cleanse so different?  Because each woman was and is on her own journey, not one of them better or worse than the other, but simply different, as different as different instruments in a symphony.  Each was born into a different family, and had experienced different stresses in life, adapting different coping mechanisms, and different physical manifestations of those patterns.  Each woman, as an instrument, carried the potential to offer something unique and powerful to the Divine Song, as each instrument is both vital and beautiful in a symphony, but can only truly contribute its best when it is clean and in tune.

What is an Attunement? A Traditional Usui Reiki Attunement is simply a cleaning of the instrument, a choice to “tune” ourselves energetically.  It is not a religious rite.  It honors all faiths.  It is open to all persons of all faiths, and is compatible with service in and to all faiths.  It is an Empowerment.

With the Attunement, each woman had chosen to accelerate her path, so that she could amplify her ability to contribute to good, God, and healing in this lifetime.  With the Attunement, something miraculous had started, something that would ultimately serve each woman’s individual healing and unique Becoming, and it would not stop until it was finished.

Each of the women experienced this Attunement in her own way.  But for each of them — and for myself — it was a profound, soul-filling, physically-necessary, healing, and life-shifting event.

I am so proud of each of them.  I am overjoyed to welcome them into my “Reiki family,” the special lineage of Traditional Usui Reiki healers I am part of, and to share with them the gift that was handed down to me.

Most of all, I cannot wait to see what these ladies will bring to the world over in the coming years.

We all carry a candle, but some of us can’t see it, and many of us don’t ever realize what’s within us.

Thank you each for consciously choosing to carry the candle.

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