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If you’re interested in working with Erika Marie, you are in the right place!  Complete the form below and if Erika decides she can help you, we will contact you with New Patient Questionnaires and instructions on how to book your appointment.

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What will my first appointment be?

In today’s society, we tend to think that there is one treatment for each disease.  A pill for every ill.  You might think we could just follow a protocol of “x” treatment for “y” disease.  But that simply isn’t true.  There are many causes to (and complications from) the same symptoms.  It really isn’t about the label of your disease or diagnosis.  The best treatment depends on the individual.

If you want an herbal or homeopathic medicine, we will schedule a 30-60 minute consultation. If you’ve been in a Motor Vehicle Accident or simply want acupuncture or cupping for a straight-forward condition such as back pain, your first appointment will be a 90-120 min consultation and treatment.   If you’d like to schedule your child for a pediatric treatment, it will be an initial consultation + treatment of approximately 45-60 minutes.

With complex chronic disease, it makes sense to examine the problem before trying to solve it.  For this reason, we strongly recommend starting with an Integrative Health Analysis for all complex, chronic disease.  If you are doing the IHA in person, we recommend beginning treatment immediately, in conjunction with the IHA.  This will give you immediate pain relief, mood relief, and improved energy as we dig into the root causes and solutions to your condition.  We want you to start feeling good ASAP.

When we chat on the phone, we’ll figure out the appointment that is the best starting place for you!

How much is the initial appointment?

Before we can talk cost, we need to know whats going on with you and what you want to do about it.  Based on what you tell us, we can recommend a best course of treatment and give you an estimate of cost.   Please fill out the confidential form below and Erika herself will call you to discuss your health needs and goals.

We are happy to provide a copy of our fee schedule upon request.  (Please understand that your treatment plan will be individualized.  You may overestimate cost.)  We offer several discounts for cash or credit paying customers, including up to 30% off for patients who pre-pay for services.  We also offer 10% off for families with children under age 6, neighborhood discounts, veteran discounts, etc.  Please call to inquire!

Please note:  We do not bill health insurance (such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield).  The only billing we do is for Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) injuriesWe are happy to provide you a superbill to submit to your health company for reimbursement and encourage you to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) with us.  Please see our Financial Policies for more information.

Are we a perfect fit?!

We are a perfect fit for people who are open to trying new things, who believe their body can heal, who are curious about the “whys and hows,” and who are willing to do the work required to achieve their goals and hopes.

We are not a fit for everyone.   We don’t work well with those who are close-minded, who think they already know everything, and who don’t value our time, experience, and education.

In the Chiyu Center community, we know that health comes first.  We understand that its up to us to make informed choices that create or destruct our health.  We are curious about how we can improve our health and lives.  We think for ourselves, and we listen to each other.  We aren’t willing to lose years of life to pain, low-energy, or illness.  We value those who have been there before us, and we don’t try to figure it all out alone.  We practice what we preach, and we love ourselves because we’re perfect exactly as we are.  We are ready to feel amazing and live an extraordinary life.   We show up to do our part and we appreciate opportunities to make fantastic, life-changing choices.

Does that describe who you are?  Then, we’re a perfect match!  Let’s get to work!

When will I be seen?

We will do our best to get you in within the next 7-10 days.   We know some of you may have tried “everything else under the sun” and may be somewhat desperate to get your life back.  We understand how tough it can be.  Please understand it is only possible to see a certain number of patients in any given week.  Don’t be shy about telling us your story.  You will find that we will match you 100% in your dedication and commitment throughout your treatment.  

At Chiyu Center, we adore working with patients who are actively invested in their health.  If you haven’t worked with Erika, there ARE things you haven’t tried.  Don’t give up!   Our goal is to get you happy, healthy, and back out in the world.  We want you living the life you love, contributing your unique gifts and talents to your community!

For priority access, please fill out the application below.  Be sure to also check out our clinic polices and values.  We will respond within 24 hours on business days.

If you have any questions about the process or need help, please contact us at or (720) 593-1593.   We look forward to working with you! 

Thank you for connecting!

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