Unlock a Universe of Healing Potential

What if you have more than one option for your recovery?


What if there are options that your MDs want to tell you about, but they can’t because they are afraid of jeopardizing their careers?

Typically, when something’s wrong with your body or mind, mainstream medicine gives us one or two options to “fix” it.   Usually, they include pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.  Those options are great when they are appropriate.  But a lot of times they aren’t.  Meanwhile, there are a lot more options out there — and many are incredibly effective.

In today’s global society, we have access to many traditions, perspectives, and medicines.  We don’t have to believe what someone tells us simply because its the only information we have.  We can gather more information, consider different avenues, and then integrate our options in wonderfully innovative and individually-appropriate ways.

In many ancient traditions, there is the idea that we contain within ourselves a universe.  And at the same time, we are part of the universe.  With integrative medicine, we tap into the limitless nature of the internal and external universe.  Suddenly, there are many options available to us.  Anything is possible in terms of recovery.  We have only begun to scratch the surface.



There is extraordinary power and potential in Integrative Medicine.


Every person who uses integrative medicine uses it differently.  Imagine using different colored threads for different medicines at different times in a person’s recovery.  Using threads of different medicines, we weave together an individual and effective medical recovery plan unlike anything the world’s seen before.

Still unsure of the power of integrative medicine?  Consider Erika’s Story…

When I was pregnant, my right kidney went into acute renal failure several times. We did not realize it at the time, and doctors told me that my excruciating and come-and-go back pain was likely due… Read more –>

An example of integrative medicine in a complex pediatric case:

Adahlia was born with Diamond-Blackfan Anemia (DBA), an extremely rare blood disorder where the body does not make enough red blood cells to survive.  She receives blood transfusions monthly, and this saves her life, buying her another 3-5 weeks.   Unfortunately, a side effect of blood transfusions is a build up on iron in the body.  The iron is stored in the liver, heart, pancreas, pituitary, and other organs.  Iron overload causes organ failure, and organ failure means a sudden death.  Adahlia is on a chelation medicine to pull the iron out of her body but it isn’t working well enough.  Iron is at dangerously high levels in her heart, and hematology understands that it is most difficult to remove iron from the heart.  Adahlia’s hematologists increase her iron chelation medicine but not to the maxmium dose, because the chelation medicine is dangerous at excess levels, too.  The doctors decide to repeat the scan of her organs in 6 months.  They prepare her parents for the worst:  it is just as likely that the iron load will stay the same or get worse on the increased dose.  It is a stressful time.  Erika decides to do something that has never been done before:  incorporate a Japanese shonishin and moxabustion technique to guide the chelation medicine to Adahlia’s heart, as well as to strengthen it.  Six months later, the scan is repeated, and there is no iron in Adahlia’s heart whatsoever.  Her hematology team can’t believe it, but they recalculate the numbers and it is validated.  A year after that, the scan is repeated again, and there is still no iron in the heart.  However, there is still concern about the complications of the iron chelation medicine:  loss of hearing and vision.  Many children with DBA who have to go on high levels of iron chelation experience some loss of one or both senses.  Erika takes measures to preserve Adahlia’s hearing and vision despite chelation, and her vision and hearing remain perfect, despite the high dose of medication.  Then, due to signs of GI distress, Erika decides to put Adahlia on a specific diet.  Adahlia had always been at the 30th% for weight-for-height.  After just a few months on the new diet, Adahlia enters the 85th% for weight-for-height, and is much stronger.  She tires less easily, and experiences less leg pain.  Many children with DBA have symptoms of gastro-intestinal distress and brain dysfunction, such as ADD.   Erika was able to relax Adahlia’s diet, and still Adahlia’s belly pain is almost non-existent and her difficulty swallowing is gone.  In addition, her moods are improved, emotions more stabile, and she demonstrates high intellectual abilities without signs of ADD or ADHD.  While Adahlia still requires blood transfusions, she is well-adjusted and appears as healthy as (or healthier than) other children.  There is not one medicine that is exclusively responsible — all of the medicines have been vital to her survival and thriving.

When we combine medicines creatively and wisely, we can effect extraordinary results.  All medicines exist for a reason, and all of the herbs, plants, drugs, diets, surgeons, and other mental, emotional, and spiritual health providers are on here on this planet for a reason.   It is not a matter of right or wrong, or better or worse.  Integrative medicine is about using each medicine appropriately — at the right time and place.

There are infinite ways to work with integrative medicine, and some ways make more sense than others.  At Chiyu Center, we are delighted to help you navigate the options within integrative medicine, and help you recover your highest health.  We look forward to working with you!