At Chiyu Center, The True Center of Healing is You

Have you ever felt in your heart-of-hearts that something was true, even in the face of hundreds of naysayers?

At Chiyu Center, we honor the sanctity of the human spirit.  We recognize that our lives are our own journeys, and that our experiences transform us.  We honor you as the ultimate decision-maker about which therapies and treatments you wish to participate in, and we treat you like you the Emperor you truly are over your life.

At Chiyu Center, we recognize that illness and suffering can transform the human spirit in powerful ways.  We are here to help you through it, as you rise up from your struggles to become who you really are.  We know that moving through illness is not about being destroyed, but is actually about empowerment, reclamation, and self-actualization.

What does it mean to be empowered to reclaim the self?   The way we see it, it’s a three-step process:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Determination (Perseverance)
  3. Faith (Trust)


Step 1:  It all starts with knowledge.   When you aren’t given all the information, and you don’t know your options, how can you possibly make the best decision?


At Chiyu Center, we respect your intellect and your ability to make wise decisions for yourself.  With knowledge, we give you the gift of empowerment.  We will explain to you treatment options from natural, functional, East Asian, and other integrative medicine approaches.  We will refer to other providers we believe may be useful to you, and we will help you by pointing you to sources of additional information.

Concerned about being overwhelmed? Don’t worry.  In our recommendations, we lay out which integrative plan we believe will work best for you.  We simplify it in a step-by-step fashion.  Like any treatment, you can quit at any time.  (But you probably won’t want to, when you see how far you’ve come.)


Step 2:  Determination and perseverance are the keys to all successful health transformations.  Reclaiming health is an active process; every day we make choices that either build it up or tear it down.  Much of our health depends upon simple, hourly choices.  At Chiyu Center, we empower you by educating you on the many tools — nutrition, herbs, qigong exercises, breathwork, and more — you can implement to restore your health.

It is advice you’ve surely heard before, and it happens to be true:  Health is a journey, not a destination.  Sure, it is helpful to visualize the end-state of total health.  But reclaiming health is more like traveling up a spiral than moving up a straight line.  It is also like climbing a mountain:  There will be times when it seems you are walking downhill, but the path will soon lead you upwards once again.  Even when you are traveling down, you’re higher than you were before you started.  If you keep going, it is possible to reach the summit.

In health, like with any mountain, there’s no guarantee.  But, the only way to reach the summit is to keep going.    When we apply our heart and soul to everything our hands touch, when we put our hearts into the work of restoring our health, something special happens.  Our days take on new meaning, and we start to shine again.


Step 3:  Last, comes faith and trust.  Faith in yourself.  Trust in your ability to be the captain of your own ship.  Faith in your intuition.  Trust in your own discernment.

In addition, it is helpful to grow the idea of faith or trust in a higher power or purpose to your individual life.  Nearly all survivors of terminal illness share a belief in transformation — that their health crisis was given to them as a means to transform and grow as a person, to evolve as a soul. 

Of course, when you have been afflicted by a serious illness or injury, there is often a sense of betrayal.  Having trust and faith in anything can feel impossible.   We get that.  It is completely natural to feel lost, skeptical, and self-critical when afflicted by “outrageous fortune.”  However, we do believe there is a rhyme and reason to everything — and that the deepest tragedy can become the doorway to hundreds of miracles.

At Chiyu Center, we are honored to help you re-find your confidence.

We believe in you, we love you, and that’s because we see in you a reflection of ourselves.

“Chiyu” means “healing” in Japanese.

At Chiyu Center, we are awed and humbled to serve the Center of Healing within You.