We integrate the past with the present in innovative and radically effective ways.

At Chiyu Center, we have a secret we wish the whole world knew:  All medicines have purpose.  Ancient medicines have power.  So does modern medicines.  There is strength in scientific data.  There is power in timeless therapies. When you combine the two approaches, a remarkable, fuller, and more complete understanding and healing happens.

Ancient Wisdom:  The sages who developed ancient medicines did not learn from cadavers and microscopes.   They learned from Nature.  In their observations, they saw humanity as an reflection of nature.  They saw each individual as a complete system within a larger system.  They realized that we are a part of nature, not something separate from it.  Through the study of nature, they were able to determine elegant and non-invasive ways to analyze health and disease, such as pulse-reading.  They discovered how to use the plants and tools available to them to effectively heal injuries, relieve pain, and restore health from sickness.

Modern Research: With the advent of microscopes, antibiotics, plastic, and technology, an entirely new field of medicine emerged.  People began to put more faith in laboratory-engineered substances than in the natural world around them.  Much was gained.  But the losses were catastrophic.  It is only now that we realize we made an error:  We threw the baby out with the bathwater.

Today, there are a select number of health providers who know we need to re-integrate our past wisdom.   We know that there are effective treatments that don’t just cover up symptoms, letting the disease fester beneath the surface.  We know that there are therapies besides medications and surgery.  We know that there are ways to restore health to the whole person, the whole system, and that the best of us use an integrative approach to health.

Integrative medicine is about recognizing that all medicines fit into a “Whole Medicine” picture.   Each medicine is important because each approaches the patient from a different perspective and has different insights into a patient’s health.  Every medicine has a time, place, and appropriate patient presentation.

Because the aspects of ourselves are inter-connected, if you limit yourself to one medicine (such as Western), you are missing the perspective of another (such as East Asian).  This means you are probably not treating aspects of yourself that need attention. Incorporating additional medicines helps you reach your highest health.

Why “Whole People” need Integrative Medicine:

A “whole person” is someone who recognizes all aspects of who they are:  physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.  There is no part of themselves that they deny, and they completely accept all of who they are, because they know each part of them contributes something vital to the whole.  For example, the intellectual part of them helps them to gather knowledge, understand it, and discern among courses of action.  The emotional part of them keeps them safe in dangerous situations, inspires them to stand up for their rights and the rights of others, allows them to understand loss, and simply makes them feel happy or good.  The spiritual part of them is their sense of connection to other humans, to animals and other life, to the planet, and to the afterlife, provides an internal compass or conscience, and lifts sensations of futility, despair, and isolation.  The energetic part is the subtle feeling that people feel in the presence of another person, provides the framework or scaffolding for the physical body, and is a person’s strength of life force or vitality.  The physical part?  That is the part of us that lives, breathes, creates, and loves on earth.   All of it is good.   All of it is vital.

A “whole person” is an integrated person.  All aspects of who they are are open and communicating, working together to serve the person.

Integrative Medicine is a TRULY “Whole” Medicine.

Like an integrated person recognizes that there are multiple aspects that make up their “whole” self, integrative medicine does not deny the worth of any medicine.  Integrative medicine is a truly “whole medicine” because it embraces all different traditions of medicine.   Integrative medicine also embraces all aspects of the patient.  In integrative medicine, social and environmental health influencers are just as important as the microscopic ones, and herbal therapies share an equally important place in the pharmacy as pharmaceutical drugs.  In integrative medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine are just as vital to restoring health as pharmaceuticals and drugs.

How are decisions made in integrative medicine?  Integrative health providers are truly patient-first.  Medicines that are less toxic or that come with less side effects are typically tried first, because those treatments have less potential to make the person sicker or have problems down the road.   Integrative health providers select from hundreds of medicines, and may combine them in thousands of ways.   They rely upon medicines that have personal, clinic, historical, and scientific records of efficacy.

In integrative medicine, the goal is to get the person pain-free and healthy quickly while preventing future disease.

We’re in good company:  Integrative Medicine is catching on!

What do the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Duke University Medical Center, and the University of California-San Francisco have in common?  Well, they are some of the most elite hospitals in the United States.  What else?  They all offer Integrative Medicine.  Every year, more and more hospitals embrace an integrative approach.  Some of these hospitals have entire departments and a full-time staff dedicated to providing services like Acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy.  Every day, more people gain access to effective integrative remedies that do less harm.

Why are so many world-renown hospitals offering integrative therapies?

  1. There is research that supports use of these medicines.
  2. There are thousands of years of case studies.   And we are not just talking about ancient testimony.  Right now, patients are receiving treatment in clinics worldwide (just like Chiyu Center) and are walking away leaving their symptoms and ailments behind.
  3. It is only right.  It is not right to withhold effective treatments from patients.

At Chiyu Center, we understand our place in the larger whole, and we are proud to on the forefront of integrative medicine.  In every consultation and appointment, we bring together modern research and ancient wisdom in unparalleled ways.  We love what we do, and we can’t wait to share with you the infinite possibility, power, and potential of Integrative Medicine!