When you’re in health crisis, it can be hard to know where to turn.  And that’s exactly why we are here.

At Chiyu Center, we help you understand your medical options.   We also offer the finest in the fields of integrative, natural, and East-West medicines.

Not sure what you think of such medicines?  I completely understand.  After all, my undergraduate degree was in scientific research and human engineering. I have more experience analyzing and conducting scientifically sound research studies than most doctors.  Here’s the bottom line:  Evidence SUPPORTS integrative and natural treatments.

And there’s more.  At Chiyu Center, we offer something more than book knowledge:  we have in-depth, personal, experiential knowledge.   Using integrative medicine, we saved my kidneys postpartum and restored my child’s heart, both of which were deemed “unbelievable” and “medically impossible” results.  When my father was diagnosed with Stage IV Liver and Colon Cancer, he survived (and is still thriving today) because he used an integrative medical approach.

After years of working with these medicines, turning my daughter and I’s extraordinary health challenges over and over in my mind, experimenting with different combinations of therapies and refusing to give up, I discovered some big and powerful medical truths.  I know the therapies that work and I know how to incorporate them in wise ways.  I can personally attest to the value and effectiveness of acupuncture, reiki, dietary therapy, nutritional supplementation, and Chinese herbal medicine.   Advocating for such medicines is part of my personal mission.

But enough about me.  You can read more of my story later.

Let’s talk about you!  You see, if I learned anything over the last decade, its that there is reason to hope.  There is beauty and divinity in life.  Everything — everyone and every medicine — exists here for a reason.  It is not about one medicine being better or worse.  They each have a place and purpose.

Through my own health trials, I learned that there is great power and infinite potential in integrative medicine.  When we respectfully and wisely combine medical perspectives and approaches, it is like suddenly have four different perspectives on your puzzle instead of just one.  Suddenly, it all makes sense and the way becomes clear.

At Chiyu Center, we don’t consider ourselves an “alternative” to mainstream medicine and we won’t work in opposition to your MDs.  We won’t advise you to go against your doctor and we won’t tell you to stop a pharmaceutical drug.  That’s not safe, and it is not our call.  (You need to discuss your medication with your prescribing doctor.)

When you work with us, we work with your other doctors.

Most important, we work for you.

At Chiyu Center, you call the shots.  We view you as the CEO, and we lay out options and an Integrative Treatment Plan for you worthy of a CEO decision-maker.  (Imagine how nice it would be to be treated like a CEO instead of like a patient.  Too often, in modern healthcare, patients are not treated with the respect they deserve.  We can promise that won’t happen to you here.)

Just as your Heart is the Emperor of your body in the traditional, East Asian medical understanding, you are the Heart and Emperor of your healthcare choices.  Your medical team?  We are your Advisors.

By “we” I mean your entire medical team, including your doctors, specialists, health coaches, therapists, et cetera.  No one outranks you, no matter what their title.  Nobody.  The rest of us, no matter who we are, where we graduated from, or who gave us an award: we are merely your Advisors.

And yet, while I know my place, and the decisions are entirely up to you, I also recognize that there’s absolutely nothing “unimportant” about being an Advisor.  I take my responsibility as “Advisor to the Emperor” very seriously.  It is an honor to serve you.  I will work hard for you, my whole team will, and we will be as relentless as you are in restoring your health.

Why do you want more than one Advisor?  Why doesn’t your MD cut it?   Well, think about it.  Does any Emperor want only one Advisor?  No.  An Emperor needs to weigh multiple viewpoints and perspectives.   Your MD can really only provide one, maybe two, viewpoints at most.

I want you to work with as many advisors as you value.  Call me in when you want to pull in traditional East Asian, energetic, or natural/nutritional/functional medical viewpoints on your health situation.   From me, you’ll gain new perspectives and unexpected knowledge about what is contributing to and underlying your current health situation.   You will realize how many great options you truly have, and you will receive a plan for how to integrate those options for quickest, and most complete results.

Let me tell you — from someone who wondered if she would live to see her child grow up (and even if her child would grow up) — understanding your options is an absolutely priceless, priceless thing.

Sometimes, after consulting with me, you may decide to use a pharmaceutical drug or a surgery.  That’s okay.  You’re the Emperor.  Other times, you’ll decide to try an herbal or acupuncture approach.  I’ll be happy to help you with that, if you want.  Often, people do what I needed to do:  use an integrative medicine approach.

At Chiyu Center, what matters the most is that you have the power to choose.  Only when you have full knowledge of your options, do you have the power to make the right choices for you.

We love you.  And we’re confident you’re going to love us.

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Welcome to Chiyu Center!


* Disclaimer:  There is no guarantee of improvement or cure in any medical treatment or therapy.  Every individual health situation is unique.  Read our full disclaimer and learn more about how we work.