Clinic Policies


We are “Green”:

Chiyu Center is proud to be an earth-friendly, “green” business.   We use natural, non-toxic, and organic cleaning products and are a paper-free clinic.  We utilize electronic records, e- scheduling, and electronic payment systems.  By default, emailed receipts are provided for both products and services.  Paper receipts will be provided to those who request them.

We are ADA-accessible:

Our new clinic location entrance at 711 W. 5th Avenue is ADA-accessible.

We are Family-Friendly:

We support breast-feeding and families in every way possible.  It is possible to arrange onsite childcare for your appointments during select appointment times.  Please inquire if you would like to use this service and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We offer E-Records:

In accordance with the Federal Mandate to abolish paper health records, Chiyu Center maintains Electronic Health Records.  We use ChARM, a HIPPA-complaint, secure electronic records server.  All new patient forms, laboratory results, and health analyses should be filled out or uploaded into ChARM.  Treatment summaries are accessible for patient viewing in ChARM after every encounter.  No paper records of any sort are maintained at the clinic.  Patients may request a complete copy of their records at any time.  A reasonable fee may be charged for paper copies of records.

E-Mail, Text, and Other Communications:

Patients are welcome to use email or phone to set up consultation, treatment, or other appointment.  Medical advice and consultation will NOT be provided over any email, including over ChARM’s secure email system.  Phone consultations are available.  In-person consultation will likely be necessary to re-evaluate supplements, herbal medicine, and otherwise change the course of treatment.

Patients with access to Erika’s private cellphone number are asked not to abuse it.  Her personal number should only be used in regards to an extremely important issue that requires an immediate response and warrants taking Erika away from whoever else she is working with.  In emergency situations, always immediately call 911.

Text & Instant Messaging:  Text messaging to Erika’s private, personal cellphone number is allowed only if you are running late for an appointment and need to let her know.  It is preferred that you email or call to schedule an appointment  Medical advice and consultation will NOT be provided over text message or Instant Messenger.

Our Payment Options:

Payment is required at the time of booking to confirm your appointment.   Payment may be provided over the phone via credit or debit card.  Online payment is a convenient option for many of our patients.  For online payment, a PayPal invoice will be emailed to your email address associated with your ChARM patient record.  The invoice can be paid via PayPal, credit card, debit card, or direct-debit from your bank account.  Once payment is received, your appointment confirmation will be sent to you.  Until your payment is received, your appointment will not be confirmed and may be taken by another patient.  Payment is always due PRIOR TO receipt of services and UPON ORDERING herbal medicine or supplements. 

We do not accept insurance of any sort.  If requested, a receipt of services can be given to you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Chiyu Center makes no claim or guarantee that you will receive full or partial reimbursement for services.

Complete Clinic Policies:

A complete copy of our Communications, Financial, HIPPA Privacy, Fee Schedule, and other clinic policies will be posted to your New Patient account in ChARM for your review, agreement, and signature prior to treatment.


Our Values

We are Multi-dimensional and Limitless:

At Chiyu Center, we don’t let anyone define us or give our patients a “hopeless” prognosis.   As human beings, we know we have physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects to who we are — and we are capable of anything, including the impossible and extraordinary.  This isn’t because we are optimists.  It is because we have seen “unbelievable” recoveries time and again, over and over.  Are you not quite sure if you have a spiritual nature?  That’s okay!  We respect everyone’s experiences. We love and treat persons of all faith and belief equally, including atheism.  None of our treatments require “belief” to work.

We are Curious:

At Chiyu Center, we don’t condem:  we get curious.  We ask: why did that happen? And how?  We won’t let ourselves get bogged down in blame or “could’ve/should’ve” because we know that sort of thinking doesn’t serve.  Instead, we focus on what we can learn from where we’ve been and from where we are at.  We love puzzles and we love solving puzzles even more.  We’ll dig, dig, dig into your health challenges until we are all satisfied and glowing from our discoveries.

We are Self-Responsible:

At Chiyu Center, we know the Center of Healing is Within You.  We share our insights and empower you with recommended plans and treatments. It is up to you to implement them.  We encourage you to “own” your health.  We have found that the patients who experience the best and fullest recoveries are the ones who understand that the daily and hourly choices we make have a powerful impact on our health.  Our patients take responsibility for their own beliefs, attitudes, and actions.

We are on a Journey of Transformation:

Studies show that many survivors of life-threatening illness share a common trait: They believe there is a purpose to their suffering. At Chiyu Center, we recognize the power of the phoenix. We know that on the other side of pain and illness is transformation.  We are honored to walk with our patients in their journeys of transformation and are in awe of their survival stories. The journey doesn’t destroy a phoenix:  It reveals her.

We Embrace the Work of Life:

At Chiyu Center, we aren’t escapists.  We enjoy working, and we work hard.  Our patients are also hard-working people.  We aren’t satisfied with a quick or superficial answer.  We dive into the depths to dig up REAL answers and we bring our best to the table every single day.  We feel great satisfaction in a job well-done.  Did we do a good job for you?   We would greatly appreciate a testimonial or review!

We Love the Power of Laughter:

Experience may be the best teacher, and Laughter is the best medicine.  At Chiyu Center, we’ve been through the gauntlet of tough health challenges, and we know that a sense of humor and a smile goes a long way!  You might be surprised to hear your acupuncturist crack a joke during treatment, but we guarantee you’ll appreciate the camaraderie.  Were you the class clown in high school?  We adore patients who share their wit with us in return!


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