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Heard some buzz about Reiki?

If you suffer from pain, cancer, anxiety, or complex chronic illness, we’d like you to reconsider what you think you know.

At Chiyu Center, we offer a very specific form of Reiki, called Traditional Usui Reiki, or Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

Traditional Usui Reiki practitioners undergo at least twice as much training as other Reiki practitioners, and are required to invest significantly more time and money to obtain their certificates in the Usui System of Natural Healing.  While all types of reiki and hands-on healing are surely good and healing, not all energy medicines are the same.  Like with any service or skill field, there can be wide variances in the quality of the service provided.  Education, experience, and individual commitment do matter.

All Reiki practitioners at Chiyu Center have been trained in Erika’s specific lineage of Traditional Usui Reiki by Erika Fayina Marie herself.  She stands by her students, and will happily relay how her even recently-awarded First Degree practitioners have effected “miraculous” healings.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is classified as Energy Medicine, meaning that it directly addresses the subtle energetic level of the body.  At Chiyu Center, we understand that the energetic body is the “energetic blueprint” and “scaffolding” of the physical body.  It provides structure and support to our mental, emotional, and physical health.

What conditions respond best to Reiki?

At Chiyu Center, we have discovered that pain, tumors, cancer, anxiety, and depression all respond extremely well to Usui Reiki, with 40-90% improvement after just one session.  Other conditions also respond very well to reiki treatment.  We often include reiki treatments in our recommendations for individualized Integrative Health Plans.

Do I have to believe anything for it to work?

Absolutely not.  Reiki works regardless of belief.  Reiki is not a religion.  It is ethical and safe.  Receiving reiki treatments is compatible with all religions and beliefs, including atheism.

Is Reiki scientific?

Actually, yes.  Albert Einstein famously said, “Everything in Life is Vibration.”  This statement includes not just our natural environment, but also our bodies, our organs, and tissues — everything about us “vibrates.”  In Energy Medicine, it is understood that healthy vibrations or frequencies are different than unhealthy ones.  Diseased or unhealthy body systems vibrate at different frequency than healthy ones.

Reiki works by clearing pathological vibrations and restoring physiological (or healthy) functional vibrations.  This means that Reiki is a true “root cause” medicine and treats the most fundamental level to our bodies.

Another way to understand Reiki is to know that it works by using light.  Light is one of the ways we can perceive vibration or frequency.  (Another way we perceive frequency or vibration is through sound.)  As we know, the colors of the rainbow are frequencies of light.  Some Energy Medicine providers have trained themselves to perceive the colors of organs.  Unhealthy tissue is often seen as “dark” or cut off from a “flow of light.”  The practitioner helps the tissue to heal by improving the flow of light, until the organ or tissue is filled with light.

While all of this may sound odd, the idea of healing people with light is scientifically feasible, too.  Scientists have recently acknowledged that human beings emit light.

Has Reiki been studied?  Does it work?

Yes.  In fact, it works so well that many hospitals allow nurses and other providers to certify in Reiki and treat patients.   Visit our research page to read how Reiki has been shown to help children with cancer and other patients, too.

Is Usui Reiki safe for both the provider and me?

Yes.  Unlike some other forms of hands-on energy healing, Chiyu Center’s form of Usui Reiki is safe for both receiver and provider.  In Usui Reiki, your provider does not give you his or her own energy or light.  Instead, your provider connects to what is called “Source light” or “Source energy” of nature, and applies this pure, white energy to your energy field.

Usui Reiki’s unique method of connecting to “source energy” protects in two ways:  It protects you from the provider’s own potentially pathological energetic patterns.  It also protects the provider from giving away his or her personal vital energy.

What should I expect?

With Reiki, no disrobing is necessary.   Reiki treatments involve light touch on or over the body and do not include massage.

Initial private Usui Reiki Treatments are 75-minutes and include 15-30 minutes of consultation prior to treatment.   Follow-up reiki sessions are typically scheduled for 45-minutes.  If you desire in-depth Reiki healing, it is recommended to request a dedicate reiki-only treatment.

Private acupuncture appointments (60 or 90-minute) are all-inclusive and may include up to 20 minutes of reiki treatment, as indicated and at practitioner discretion.

Patients may also request to add 10-minutes of Reiki to Happy Hour Acupuncture appointments for an additional fee.

What will I feel?

During treatment, some people experience a sensation of warmth, feel a release of emotions or tension, or even see light and colors.  Others fall into a deep sleep.  All such reactions are fine.  There is not any particular thing you should be feeling in order to be healing.

After treatment, you may feel happy, slightly “high,” dizzy, sleepy, or energized.  All of those responses are perfectly normal and all are a sign of healing.  Feeling like you need to take a nap is a sign that your body has more healing work to do on the physical level, and it rebuilds cells best while your conscious mind is asleep.  Those who feel a burst of energy are simply reflecting the re-vitalizing power of a source-energy Usui Reiki treatment.

How should I prepare?

There is nothing you specifically need to do prepare for Reiki.  It is recommended that you drink plenty of water before and after treatment, as Reiki is an extremely “yang” therapy that requires a “yin” container — and water is the perfect yin container.  If possible, it is also ideal to abstain from recreational and non-prescription drugs within 24 hours of treatment.

How do I schedule?

Contact us to find out our next availability and book your appointment!