diet and supplements

When you want to heal or optimize your health, what you put in your body is extremely important.

It is not about “good” food or “bad” food — it is about what is right for you, right now.

Our dietary needs change throughout our lives, based on many factors.  What you should stay away from now, might be one of your go-to foods in the future.  Do you know if you are eating right for you, right now?  Do you need nutritional supplements right now, or are you overdoing it?  We can help you find out.

Think of your body as part of your environment:  we are not isolated systems.  The air we breathe goes into us, along with any foreign airborne particles.  The food we eat and water we drink is likewise absorbed by our bodies, and becomes something our bodies must deal with.  If the food we eat is irritating or inappropriate for us, our bodies must eliminate it, and often this involves an immune response.  If the food we eat is ideal for our bodies and recognized as nourishing, then we incorporate the nutrients easily and we grow stronger, without wasting energy on immune responses and inflammation.

Every day, multiple times per day, you put food in your mouth.  Your body either reacts favorably or unfavorably, and all this daily activity adds up.

Because what you eat directly affects how you feel and heal, we are avid advocates of a nutritional approach to medicine.  We have discovered — through hard-earned personal and clinical experience — that if the diet is not right, any herbal medicines must work uphill.  Until you also address diet, you will need to take more herbs for a longer time.  In fact, some people never get the results they want from their herbal medicine until they also agree to address their diet.  These people mistakenly conclude that the herbs or supplements do not work, when in reality, it is just that the herbs or supplements cannot work because the diet is counterproductive to the desired result.  Just think of all the wasted time and money!

On other hand, when the the diet is right — that’s when the magic happens!  The herbs and supplements work quickly, synergistically with the right diet, and Boom!  Accelerated healing.

At Chiyu Center, we are not about “fads” or “across-the-board” dietary advice.  We don’t believe everyone should be on the same diet.  In fact, we know that’s not true.  You are a unique constellation of symptoms and systems, and what your body wants and needs is going to be highly individualized.  Recognizing this, we will recommend a dietary plan based on your presentation and laboratory results. Of course, we still believe in certain truths that you probably already know and will stand the test of time:  Whole foods are better than processed foods and preservatives.  Vegetables are good for us.

What you can’t know until you try it for yourself is that choosing which vegetables (and other food) to eat is actually highly individual and makes a BIG difference in health.

We use a similar approach for recommending nutritional supplements, such as amino acids and vitamins.  Our ideal patient is willing to do high-quality nutritional analysis via simple laboratory blood testing, and this allows us to provide selective supplementation advice.  In nutritional supplements, like in anything, we feel that more-more-more is not necessarily better.

In general, we believe in restoring the ability to digest real food rather than swallowing a bunch of pills to meet nutritional needs.  At the same time, we know from experience that the right nutritional supplementation can create BIG positive change!  And so, of course, we do both:  we ferret out if we need to work on optimizing your digestion, while we also determine if there is any necessary supplementation.

The great news here?

You might be surprised by how just a few “tweaks” to your diet or supplements add up to big results in how you look and feel.   You might have forgotten that you could feel so good, or be so happy.  You might be amazed to realize how “healing your gut” truly does “heal your brain.”  Moreover, it doesn’t take long to notice the effects of right diet and right supplementationWithin 3 weeks of making recommended changes, our patients typically report feeling significantly less pain, and significantly more joy and energy.

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