An Illuminating Look at Your Health!

The Integrative Health Analysis (IHA)TM is Erika’s unique and trademarked tool for unlocking and illuminating your entire health history, current health status, and an effective treatment plan all in one fantastic snapshot.

The IHA is a multi-step process, consisting of one comprehensive health questionnaire, two 60-minute consultations (where you meet with Erika either in-person or virtually) and multiple levels and perspectives of in-depth analysis.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Become a patient!  To apply, please click here.

Step 2:  The Integrative Health Intake:  Once we reserve your two IHATM consultations and receive payment, we will send you links to New Patient Forms and an easy-to-fill, online, and confidential Comprehensive Health Questionnaire through our HIPPA-compliant, secure patient portal.

Please be sure to complete these forms and questionnaires at least 3 days prior to your first Integrative Health AnalysisTM consultation.

Step 3:  Integrative Health AnalysisTM Consultation #1:   After submitting your Comprehensive Health Questionnaire, you will meet with Erika for a 60-minute initial consultation.  Erika will have already spent an average of 30 minutes reviewing the information you submitted electronically.  At this point, she will have an outline and preliminary understanding of the relationships between your physical, mental, emotional, and other symptoms, illnesses, and life-changing events.   This consultation is vital to gathering information that you a might have overlooked or forgotten while filling out the questionnaire.  It is strongly preferred that you meet with Erika in person for the Integrative Health Consult, so that Erika can examine your pulse and other helpful indicators of health.  For those who absolutely cannot travel, it is possible for this consult to be done virtually.  Some elements, such as pulse reading, will not be able to be included in virtual consultations.

  • Note:  If you are local (or able to travel to the Longmont, Colorado area), we strongly recommend scheduling a 60-minute Acupuncture Plus treatment immediately following your first IHA consultation, for a total appointment time of 2 hours.  After reviewing your information and consulting with you, Erika will have sufficient information to craft a powerful, immediately-effective pain or symptom-management treatment.  This 60-minute treatment may include acupuncture, moxabustion, cupping, guasha, and/or reiki as time allows and as per provider discretion.  (The cost of this treatment is not included in the IHA.)   If you are in pain or suffering, you shouldn’t have to wait — we can begin eliminating that pain or discomfort right away!    

Step 4:  Conducting the Analysis:  You don’t need to do anything for this part!  Before Erika sees you next, she will spend at least 60 and up to 90 minutes reviewing, analyzing, and mapping all of the information you provided in your questionnaire and consult.  She will then create for you a health systems flowchart from both eastern and western health perspectives, showing how your seemingly unrelated symptoms, illnesses, and events are indeed related.  She will highlight areas of imbalance, illuminate contributing factors to disease, and will suggest ways to reverse and re-balance individual systems and overall health through a comprehensive, step-by-step Integrative Treatment Plan.  This treatment plan may include acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, traditional Usui Reiki, nutritional supplementation, dietary guidance, herbal medicine (both Chinese and Western), moxabustion, cupping, guasha, homoepathic-spagyric medicine, qigong, breathwork, and more.

Step 5:  Integrative Health AnalysisTM Consultation #2:  During your second 60-minute consultation, Erika will provide you a copy of the final IHATM for you to keep.  She will explain to you her analysis, including inter-connections, causes, and treatments to restore your health.  She will recommend specific combinations of therapies, and in a specific Therapeutic Order, so that your health is restored as quickly and completely as possible.   Finally, Erika will provide a timeline for your specific integrative plan based on your unique situation, so you will know how soon you’ll start feeling better.

The IHATM provides vital insight to your health.  You can bring it to your other health providers to help them understand you as a unique system.  If you are consulting virtually, you can give a copy of your analysis to your local East Asian or Integrative provider, so that they can incorporate Erika’s insight into their own treatment of  your condition.

  • Note:  Again, we recommend scheduling a 60-minute Acupuncture Plus treatment immediately following your second IHATM consultation, for a total appointment time of 2 hours.  This will be the first appointment crafted based upon your plan’s analysis.  Acupuncture and its associated therapies work by clearing stagnation and restoring flow to tissues.  Multiple treatments are typically necessary.  Treatments start close together, such as twice per week for three weeks, and are spaced out further and further as quickly as possible.  Soon your body “takes over” and learns to maintain the new, healthy pattern.  Once symptoms are no longer returning, it is recommend to ensure continued good health through maintenance acupuncture once per month.



Why the IHA is Key to Your Health Recovery:

Once you understand how it all is not working, you will understand how your body can be restored to balance, flow, and functionality.   Depending on your condition, paths to recovery will consider East Asian, Natural, Functional, Ayurvedic, Dietary, Homepathic, Energetic, and Biomedicine (ie., conventional or mainstream medicine) perspectives on health and treatments.

Unlike any other analysis or tool provided by any other health care provider, the IHATM gives you a deep level of understanding for how your body truly functions as an integrated, mult-dimensional system.  With this insight, the IHA empowers you to change your health for the better with concrete and step-by-step methods.

Whether or not you decide to start a comprehensive, integrative treatment plan is completely up to you.   The important thing is that with the IHATM, you are empowered with the knowledge to make a wise decision on your own behalf.


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