Let us introduce you to a new, medical-paradigm-shifting, all-natural, safe, and incredibly effective therapy:

injection therapy.

What is injection therapy?

Therapeutic injection involves injecting a substance into the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, or other tissue in order to promote healing.

What substances are injected for pain?

What exactly is injected depends upon on the needs of the individual, the condition, and where we are in treatment.

Our most basic — and very effective! — injection for pain contains a solution of dextrose and sodium chloride.   That’s right — its just sterile water, sugar, and salt.  This unbelievably simple solution has profound effects on pain.   The scientific and anecdotal evidence is overwhelmingly positive:  Relief is immediate and lasts for days.  (See below for how it works.)

We also might use a solution containing homeopathic preparation of herbs that are known to facilitate healing.  We use different homeopathic formulas for different conditions.  For a sprained ankle, we will likely use a solution of herbs for acute trauma.  For a nerve issue, we’ll use a solution of homeopathic herbs known to facilitate healthy nerve communication.  For a degenerative condition, we’ll use a homeopathic solution that encourages re-growth of cells.  For injuries that cause great anxiety and worry, we have a homeopathic solution that helps to restore calm.  For muscle pain, we might use the basic injection solution (dextrose and sodium) and add a small amount of liquid B vitamins.   The B vitamins provide needed nourishment to tissue that has been dehydrated and hypertonic.  The solution allows it to relax, nourishes it, and increases circulation through it.

At Chiyu Center, we prefer to only introduce natural substances into the body.  But, as we believe in an integrative approach, and we believe there is a place for laboratory derived agents that have proven their abilities to be safe

ly detoxified from the system.  Lidocaine is one of these agents.  Some of our patients wish to be 100% all-natural and do not want lidocaine included in their injections.  Other patients want the comfort of knowing that they’ll have immediate pain-relief due to numbing of the area.  Either way is perfectly fine with us!

How does sugar and salt water stop pain?

Right???  We get you.  The truth is, it is not fully explicable according to current scientific understandings.  Currently, researchers believe that the dextrose (sugar) and sodium (salt) solution re-polarizes and calms misfiring and malnourished neural cells.  You see, neurons rely upon an exchange of sodium and calcium ions in order to transmit their messages.   It is possible that the sodium-dextrose solution causes a “reset” of nerve gates and fibers, which results in stopping pain.

Using a sugar-salt solution to stop pain is also explicable from a Chinese medicine perspective.  First of all, we understand that most pain (and disease) results from a lack of flow.   Injections bring a flood of fluid to the area, stimulating the body’s natural “clean-up” response of flushing out the area via increased circulation.

Second, in Chinese energetics, we understand that sugar is nourishing to the Earth element, which is associated with muscles.  Sugar is also the most “basic” form of energy for digestion, which is also associated with Earth.  Nerves belong to the Water element, as well as the brain.  As we know from a western medical perspective, the brain relies heavily upon glucose for energy.   From the Chinese medical perspective, sodium is the flavor associated with Water.  We know from Chinese energetic physiology that the body relies first upon the Earth element, and when that is exhausted, it reaches down and draws upon the energy of Water.   A sodium-glucose solution nourishes both the Earth and Water elements, relieving them of any perceived shortage of energy in either one.

(As an interesting aside, bones are also associated with the Water element, and calcium from the western perspective is a vital element for building bones, providing a bit of connection between the bones and neural network from the western perspective, since nerves also rely upon calcium.)

What other injections do you offer?

We offer two primary types of cosmetic injections.

The first type of cosmetic injection is for facial rejuvenation.  We have a couple different solutions.  One is pure homeopathic collagen and works well when injected into fine lines and wrinkles.

The other is a combination of homeopathic herbs known to tone, strengthen, and balance facial tissue.  Click here to read more about Natural Facial Rejuvenation.

The second type of cosmetic injection we offer is for weight loss.  Again, there a few different homeopathic formulas.  These formulas specifically aid the body in dissolving adipose cells, and are intended to be injected into areas of the body that typically gather excess fat, such as the abdominal and upper thigh area.

We also offer B-12 injections.  We have pure methycobalamin (B-12) as well as B-12 complexes.  Some of our weight-loss formulas also include B vitamins to promote energy and proper nourishment while losing weight.

Is injection therapy painful?

We do our best to make everything we offer as comfortable as possible.  We use very fine needles for injection therapy.   We also offer a topical lidocaine creme for application to the skin prior to injection.  Topical lidocaine is a numbing agent, and makes the procedure relatively painless.

Is injection therapy safe?

When performed by a properly-trained, licensed professional, injection therapy is very safe!  There have been no adverse events reported in Colorado for injection therapy.

How can an acupuncturist offer injection therapy?

Injection therapy is within the scope of practice for acupuncture in Colorado.  The scope of practice act is very specific, and authorizes acupuncturists to inject many substances into body tissues such as muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments.  (We are not authorized to do intravenous injections.)

While this may seem odd to some, there is historical precedent.  Prior to Chairman Mao’s re-structuring of acupuncture in China (where he removed many classical techniques and standardized what remained into what he called “Traditional Chinese Medicine”), acupuncturists performed injection therapy as a matter of routine.  Back then, acupuncturists injected herbal formulas directly into patients.  Injection therapy can be considered a classical acupuncture technique.

Injection therapy works.  In Colorado, we are very lucky to have injection therapy within the scope of practice for licensed acupuncturists!  It is a VERY effective therapy, particularly for pain, and yet medical doctors do not typically offer it.  Instead, they rely upon pharmaceuticals.  The rare medical doctors who do offer injection therapy typically charge hundreds of dollars more per injection than an acupuncturist.

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