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What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy can mean many things to many people.  It can feel like burning, tingling, pins-and-needles, numbness, fire, or many other sensations.  Sometimes people feel this pain in the evenings or at night.  Other times, they feel it when they walk and move.  Either way, neuropathy makes life very difficult.

Why an Integrative Medicine approach is needed:

Unfortunately, modern medicine has yet to offer a great treatment for neuropathy.

The current pharmaceutical drugs do nothing to stop the progression of the disorder, nor can they reverse the damage that has been done.  The only thing that pharmaceutical medication can offer for neuropathy is pain relief — and for many people, the relief is far from good enough.

In this refreshing class:

  1. We will talk about what neuropathy is and how it is different than other types of pain.
  2. You’ll learn how the current gold standard of care is not just the utilization of one medicine, but an integrative approach that incorporates a select number of very effective therapies.
  3. You’ll discover ways to get immediate relief.
  4. You’ll find out how to get to the root of the issue, such as easy, at-home ways to reduce chronic inflammation.
  5. We will discuss ways to restore healthy circulation through the tissues through medical therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary adjustments.

All of what we will discuss is supported by both modern scientific research and ancient wisdom.

The great news?  With an integrative approach, we can significantly reduce and even eliminate pain and other uncomfortable neuropathic sensations naturally and immediately.

We can reverse the disease, reclaiming areas previously lost to neuropathy, and restoring normal sensation.  In most cases, we can completely eliminate the neuropathy, and prevent it from returning.

Best of all?  We work with your doctors, not against them, to accomplish these feats and get you back to full involvement in your lifeThat’s the power of integrative medicine!

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