Medical Qigong

With Medical Qigong, you can increase your strength and energy, improve your balance, and get better mental clarity!

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What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) is a gentle, safe, and energy-increasing series of exercises that opens and improves flow throughout muscles, joints, tendons, and organ systems.  It is a powerful tool for those looking to restore health lost to disease, disorder, or injury.  Medical Qigong also works to enhance great health and keep illness at bay.

Lack of flow is implicated in nearly all disease processes. Conversely, adequate flow and circulation is vital to health. (Think of a stagnant pond verses a pond with flowing water.)  This style of qigong is perfect for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

Who is Medical Qigong for?

This style of Qigong is very simple and very safe. The exercises are designed to open and promote flow, which aids in detoxification and healing of organs and tissuesIn this class, we will not be doing any “higher-level” qigong exercises that might “block up” flow.  The exercises we will do are safe for just about everyone.  They serve to promote circulatory flow, rooted-ness in the body, and tonification of energy.

Medical Qigong is for healing.  The exercises we do are perfect for those suffering from any of the following conditions: anxiety, stress, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic disease, cancer, autoimmunity, sports injuries, depression, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, lung problems, inflammation, and many other conditions.

What is Heart Qigong?

A bonus! Basic medical qigong can be done in as little as 30 minutes. Since we will have an hour together, we will also do Heart Qigong.  In East Asian medicine, it is understood that energy flows through our body in a cyclic way, just like it flows through nature in a seasonal or cyclic way.   The ancients understood that energy flows strongest through the heart at the hours of 11 am – 1 pm.

In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is understood to be the Emperor of the body. Keeping the Heart strong and rooted is absolutely VITAL to health and recovery from ALL disease.

When it is appropriate, we’ll seize the timing of our medical qigong class to directly address our #1 organ (the Heart).  By doing so, we will improve our energetic and physical boundaries (helping to ourselves heal from trauma), calm our anxiety, reduce our depression, clear ourselves of mental and emotional fog and confusion, and do so much more.

Is it an intense class?

Medical Qigong is only as strenuous as you want it to be.  For those who want the challenge, it can be very challenging.  For others, it is gentle and easy.  Erika encourages everyone to participate at the level that feels safe and comfortable to them.  You will find that medical qigong is an excellent way to gently build strength.  If you have a medical condition, please make sure Erika knows about it prior to class.

Medical qigong and heart qigong can be easily and safely modified for pregnancy and other conditions.  Most of the class is conducted while standing.  If you need a chair or stool because standing for more than a few minutes is difficult for you, that’s okay!  Please be sure to let Erika know prior to class.

Is this class affiliated with a religion?

Absolutely not.  Qigong is based on both the ancient and modern understanding that all things as built of energy and vibration.  You don’t have to believe anything for this class to benefit you.  We won’t be calling upon, praying to, or even talking about anything spiritual.  Qigong exercise is a physical exercise that works on physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels.  It is fully compatible with all faiths, religions, and spirituality, including atheism.

What do I need to do to participate?

If you are already a patient at Chiyu Center and you have seen Erika at least once in the past year, you’re all set!  All you need to do is contact us to reserve your spot.

If have not been seen at Chiyu Center within the past year, you’ll need to sign an online waiver to play.

Ready to try it?  Great!  What a good and self-empowering decision!

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