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Happy New Year!!  This is our chance to renew ourselves, to work towards our goals, and put extra energy into our dreams.

As a member of our community, I’d like to invite each of you to think about who you want to be in the world, and who you’ve been.  Sometimes, we give up to easily on our goals or desires. In my experience, change is possible.

To make a change, all you really need is CLARITY.  You need to know:

1) What you want
2) Where you are

Whether your resolution is to be a better parent, a better lover, a better businessperson, or simply to be healthier, I suggest to start by thinking of yourself in 3rd person.  Consider these questions:

  1. Do you like last year’s version of you?  Why or why not?
  2. What were the reasons he or she did what she did?
  3. What are some qualities that he or she needs to do it different?

Then, once you have clarity about how you wish to be different, you need to develop a plan.  In the clinic, this is known as the Treatment Plan.  With the plan, you will seek to optimize your resources by using them at the right time.

To determine your resources, consider:  How am I supported?  What is available to me?

Sometimes, it seems that we don’t have the resources we need to achieve our goals.  But in my experience, this simply isn’t true.

We may have resistance to using certain resources (such as a credit card, a savings, or a request to family).  But they exist.  They are there:  you just have to ask for them.   You have to be willing to use them.   And yes, I know from personal experience that its not easy.  Sometimes, where you think you have resources, you don’t.  In those instances, sometimes you simply need to be more creative, or willing to take a bigger risk.

Here’s what I do know about working towards all goals:

If its right for you (right now), the resources exist (right now) for you to do it.  Don’t waste precious time.  Invest in what you value.

The Universe won’t support you in a mission that isn’t in your best interest (or isn’t in the best interest of others involved).   But God and the Universe ALWAYS supports Highest Good.  Sometimes, you do have to ask for support.  And you have to be willing to think creatively if the way isn’t obvious.

Besides clarity, what is the most important key to success with all resolutions?

To succeed, you must be willing to try.

At Chiyu Center, I am honored and delighted to support those who seek the deeper levels to answers and higher levels of whole-person health: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

For the month of January, I am offering a special incentive to those who want to elevate their health this year.  I’m not going to share it here, because its not for everyone.  But if you’re intrigued, it’s for you.  🙂  Call or email me for it and let’s start this year off in an amazing way.

On a practical level, please believe me when I say that there’s no need to live in pain.  Or better yet, don’t believe me.  Try it for yourself, and KNOW that it’s true!   I have been having wonderful results with a new, effective therapy for pain – injection therapy.  It is simply phenomenal for instant and lasting relief of joint pain, nerve pain, tendon/ligament pain, and muscle pain.  It is just fantastic!  I also have a powerful new way of testing to evaluate for supplements and herbal medicine, so we don’t have to go by symptoms alone.

YOU are your most important investment.  Your life is a sacred journey, and you are the hero/heroine of your story.  Believe you can heal.  Try to heal.  Contact me and let me create an effective, safe treatment plan that will get you to your goals.   Then be prepared to be overjoyed at what blossoms!

Warm wishes for abundance, love, and joy in 2018!
Erika F. Marie, LAc.

PS: If you aren’t ready to invest in your health, what would make you feel ready?   Give me a call so we can chat about how to get to that next level.

NEW Fee Schedule (as of 11/1/17)

OH!  And I almost forgot:  If you haven’t been to the clinic in awhile, we have a new fee schedule, or pricing structure, that was effective 11/1/17.   I had to create a new pricing structure because some wonderful people needed treatment for Motor Vehicle Accident injuries, and I decided to help them.  To accept insurance payments, I had to adjust to charge by service, instead of doing a flat-rate fee for time.  My intention is always to make my services THE BEST use of your resources.  To support your health, I offer up to 30% off for cash or credit card payment, as well as veteran, neighborhood, family, and other savings.  Please note that Chiyu Center still DOES NOT accept health insurance nor workers compensation.   We only do insurance payment processing for Motor Vehicle Accident injuries.   (We are happy to give you a Superbill that you can provide to your health insurance company to request reimbursement, if you want to go that route.)

Please contact me if you’d like a copy of our current fee schedule.  Insurance makes everything a little confusing, and it might seem more expensive to get treatment than it actually is.  Please call me so I can explain exactly how much it will cost for you!  With love, Erika

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