Babies and children deserve to be treated gently.   Natural medicines are ideal for little ones because they are less invasive, less traumatic, and they work with the child’s natural energy to heal root issues right away.

But don’t let our gentle medicine fool you!  It can be strong — very strong — and very effective for even the most serious conditions, like heart problems and behavioral disorders.

At Chiyu Center, we work with parents who are committed to to giving their children the best possible start in life.  Our parents want a future of limitless possibility for their child, and they believe in their child’s ability to heal when given the right support.

How did you start specializing in children?

Erika’s first pediatric patient was her own infant daughter.  She was astounded by well her baby responded to natural and East Asian therapies — how effective treatments were and how quickly she saw improvement, even when the situation was dire and quick recovery was “medially impossible.”

Erika realized that if she could “turn around” her own child’s heart, sleep, digestive, immune, attention, sensory, behavioral, and other issues, she could also help others.

At Chiyu Center, we love working with kids because they get better so fast!  We know firsthand that when an infant or child is sick, the whole family becomes sick with worry.  When we restore health to a child, we also heal the mother, father, and whole family.

It is wonderful to witness.

What conditions can you treat?

We specialize in difficult, hard-to-treat and incurable conditions, even in children, because children need and deserve our very best care!

At Chiyu Center, we treat pediatric conditions that many specialists have no good answers for because we can.

In infants and children, we have successfully treated:shonishin

  • heart problems
  • sleep problems (restless sleep)
  • teething and “bad” teeth (chronic cavities)
  • sugar addiction
  • colic, difficulty swallowing, digestive distress
  • dyslexia and other learning challenges
  • epilepsy and neurological disorders
  • developmental disorders
  • hearing/vision problems
  • eczema or skin problems
  • low energy/vitality/fatigue
  • muscle weakness and pain
  • frequent colds/flu
  • frequent ear infections
  • and more

Babies and children are quick to recover when properly supported.  Your child may not need surgery or implants and may be able to wean off pharmaceutical medication. It has happened before and it will happen again.  All it takes for it to happen for your child is your willingness to try.

Remember, we work with your child’s pediatric specialists.  This does not mean that we have to talk to or conference with them.  But we do need you to continue seeing and working with your child’s pediatrician and specialists in open communication.

What treatments are used?

We offer specialized therapies that are specifically designed for infants and children, such as Shonishin (a form of infant/child acupressure) and safe, time-honored pediatric Chinese herbal formulas.  We also have extensive clinical experience adapting adult therapies to children.

We use the following therapies to restore health in infants and children:

How quickly will my child improve?

You will likely notice improvement right away, especially related to behavior, sleep, attention, confidence, and pain.  Every child is different.

In general, your child will improve more quickly than an adult with the same condition.

Why are East Asian and Natural Medicines so effective for children?

From an East Asian perspective, children are more “yang” than adults.  This means they have stronger vital energy.  Any mom, grandma, or caregiver sees this phenomenon every day:  Healthy children are so energetic, it can be hard to keep  up!  You can also see children’s high degree of “yang” in how quickly they spike fevers, and how quickly they recover from colds, compared to adults.  A cough and runny nose that a child can kick in five days might linger for months in an elderly person.

Why?  It is simply a truth of the natural world that our vital energy, or yang, decreases as we age.   (Of course, we can do a lot to maintain and cultivate our yang as we age, but that’s another story!)

Children recover and heal very quickly because they have such strong yang energy.  Often, all they need is little support to restore basic functions and a gentle nudge in the right direction.  Their bodies take over from there.

Will my child’s first appointment be a treatment?

Your child’s first appointment will likely be a consultation and a very short Shonishin treatment.  We treat children carefully.  Very weak and very young children receive a very short, very gentle first treatment in order to see how they respond.

There is a “sweet spot” for treating babies and children — we want to do enough but we also want to be careful not to “over-treat.”  If your child has a very complex condition, we may request that you schedule an Integrative Health Analysis so that we can craft the best plan.

If you live outside the Colorado Front Range and are interested in working having Erika advise from an Integrative Medicine perspective, you can schedule a virtual Integrative Health Analysis.

How soon can you see my child?

If you are looking to start care, the best way to get a priority appointment is to fill out an appointment request. If that is not possible, it is recommended to call 720.593.1593. Please allow us 24 hours on business days to respond to all requests for care.

We look forward to working with you and your child!

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