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Are You Ready to Rewrite Your Life?

How would you change your prognosis or future?

Has someone told you that you have only one or two options and neither of them are very good?  Have you been told you need to be on a life-long pharmaceutical drug with dangerous or undesirable side-effects or that you need to remove an organ?   Have you been told that the quality of life you are used to will soon be out of reach, or that your lifestyle is going to change for the worse?  Or, have you been battling depression and chronic pain for as long as you can remember, and you need a plan to switch things up now, because you can’t keep living this way?

At Chiyu Center, we have no illusions about being all-powerful genies.  But we do know (and every day it is reaffirmed) that integrative medicine is a medicine of infinite possibility and unbelievable recoveries.   For some folks, a necessary part of integrative treatment includes healing the body’s subtle energies and lifting limiting mental-emotional patterns.

No, we’re not just talking about the Law of Attraction.  Yes, the Law of Attraction is partially true.  However, if the Law of Attraction was the sole secret to how life works, a little positive thinking would change a lot of people’s reality.  Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t.  Do you know why?   We do.

The Truth is: You CAN change your life.

But there is more to it than most proponents of Positive Manifestation and Visualization would like you to believe.

Imagine your ideal life:

Let’s start with a surface examination of a few areas of your life.   The only wrong answer is a dishonest answer.  Let go of what you think you should want.  You are a unique person with unique needs, and not everyone flourishes in the same environment.  There is no one ideal life; there is only the ideal life for you.   What truly resonates with who you are?

To start, imagine yourself healthy.


  • Imagine what you would do on a daily basis with your body.  What would you do?
  • Imagine what you might do with your body on occasion.  What is something “big” you could experience?


  • Imagine yourself working.  Imagine that your work makes you feel good.  What service are you offering the world?
  • If you could contribute anything, what would you create in a concrete way?  (such as: a painting, a building, a garden, a child…)
  • What would you create in an abstract way?  (such as: love, friendship, cooperation…)

Daily Life:

  • Imagine your ideal morning.  How would you wake up?  What would you feel?
  • Imagine your workdays.   How would you organize it?
  • Imagine your leisure time.  How would you spend it?
  • Imagine your ideal evening.  What would you do?  Then, how would you feel falling asleep?


  • Imagine your ideal companionship.  What would that person or people be like?  How is that person similar to you?


  • Imagine you have the perfect amount of money.  What would you do with it?
  • If you have investments or savings, what are you saving for?
  • Is having the opportunity for more time, energy, and life experiences worth a financial investment to you?  Why?


  • Has taking better care of yourself become your #1 priority?  Are you determined to get your Self back?
  • Are you willing to invest your own time and energy in healing?  Would some support be helpful?  What kind of support?
  • Are you scared to reconnect to your power or joy?  If so, we understand.  Why are you, personally, scared?
  • Are you ready to make necessary changes to your life?
  • If you aren’t ready, that’s okay!  What would have to happen (or be in place) for you to be ready?

With integrative medicine, you don’t have to accept a poor prognosis for your future.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to integrate different medical traditions and therapies.  When you’re ready, contact us for a consultation, and find out how we can help you dig deeper, explore further, and create for yourself the life your inner soul craves.

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Blessings and Love to You.