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Happy Holidays to ALL our Patients and Clients!

Dear friends:

I am so happy to say that Chiyu Center has had an extraordinary year of community involvement and good works.   We’ve provided free educational classes, partnered with the City of Longmont to offer low-cost classes, and supported our inspiring community (you!) as each of you have transformed health challenges into personal victories.

And it’s all BECAUSE OF YOU.  Chiyu Center EXISTS because of you.   Thank you so much for such a humbling and powerful year.  You should be so proud of all the great work you’ve done, both for yourself, and for others, simply by believing in yourself and refusing to give up.  You are a true Warrior and Hero.

As both a person and professional, I want to say that I’ve grown so much through knowing and working with each of you this past year.  It has been such an honor.

I cannot express how glad I am and lucky I feel to practice this medicine.  And by that, I mean all this medicine:  Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture.  Reiki.  Herbal medicine.  Nutrition.  Supplements.  Homeopathy.  Qigong.  And my latest-favorite offering (but they’re all my favorites!) — Injection Therapy.

How amazing is it to stop a child’s ear infection with a simple, painless moxa treatment to the outside of the ear?  To be able to stop hiccups with homeopathy?  To balance female hormones with a homeopathic-spagyric and restore sleep with a Chinese herbal formula?  To lift persistent anxiety with a traditional Usui Reiki treatment?  To get a woman off beta-blockers and hypertensives safely with integrative techniques?  To restore kidney function to a person losing hope?   To help a young woman recover her ability to walk using injection therapy?   To help an older woman not just look decades younger, but also feel decades more lively, without dangerous chemicals or surgery?  How wonderful is it to work alongside other medical doctors to save a child’s heart, liver, vision, and hearing?

I’ll tell you, it’s PRICELESS.  I do the most AMAZING work in the world and I am grateful beyond belief that I stumbled into this profession, that I followed my gut and heart, and didn’t let anyone sway me from it.  I am grateful for my own difficult, incredible medical journey.

And I am even MORE GRATEFUL that you’ve taken the plunge, and decided to trust me.  To work with me.  To do your part and fearlessly give yourself the gift of a better, healthier, happier life.  Goodness knows, I know it’s not easy!  It’s WORK.  It’s challenging.  And I am ASTOUNDED by the bravery and beauty of each and every one of you.

And now… I’m even happier to say that because of you, because of your patronage, Chiyu Center is now going to give back even more.

I just made a donation to the DBA Foundation (a foundation that does wonderful work for children and families struck by a devastating, rare and incurable blood disorder) for 3% of Chiyu Center’s gross revenue.  And I intend to keep that donation going indefinitely.  Many of you know that that foundation is close to my heart, as it connects people around the world who have no other source, no other community, and it provides them with hope, education, and invaluable support.

And there’s more.

You see, the DBA Foundation (and many others) do wonderful work sponsoring mainstream medical research.   They support the discovery of new drugs and radical interventions like gene therapy.

But, as many within our Chiyu Center community know, there are VAST effective natural, East Asian, and integrative therapies for complex and incurable disease.  As a global medical community, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface on how to best incorporate and integrate the many medical options.  (And I’m proud that Chiyu Center is among the few who are leading the way!)  There are practical and not-so-happy reasons for why integrative and natural medicine solutions are not publicized like they should be (after all, the mainstream and pharmaceutical paradigm does not want to lose power, money, or authority).

But, natural and East Asian medicines are not going away.   Why not?  Because THEY WORK.  And so natural medicine patients keep coming back, and, at their friends’ urging, new people keep coming forward to try it.

And yet, I know that there are MANY people who have not tried natural or East Asian medicines.  Why? Because they are worried that it won’t work.  For many (including my family), there may be HUGE financial obstacles, and for others, they just don’t like the idea of spending their money on health.  (Even though its the most important thing you can do for yourself!)

Here’s the thing:  I know that if I did not have my education and experience prior to my daughter and I’s illness, I probably would not have tried the therapies that worked for us.  I wouldn’t have had enough faith in them, and I would have not known where to begin.  I may have been more willing just to shrug and say, “Nothing can be done,” than take the financial risk of refusing to give up, and investing in our health.  As it was, I was willing to invest every penny of my savings.   And good goodness, folks, has it been worth it!  Not only did I do wonderful things for myself, giving myself the energy and ability to live an active life again, but I also was able to do miraculous things for my daughter.   (Nothing could be worth more than that!)

Even with everything I’ve seen and learned, I don’t judge people for not trying Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and other integrative and natural medicine for themselves or their kids.  Why not?  Because I get it.   Because I was actually trained in scientific research, and have been skeptical since I was a kid.  Alternative and integrative medicine requires a big leap of faith.  It’s not cheap, and like all medicine, including drugs and surgery, it doesn’t come with a guarantee.  But, when used smartly, when both historical and current research is examined and treatment is planned carefully and in partnership with the patient, it DOES work.  At Chiyu Center, our great results are always a testament to the dedication of our patients.  I know that I’m the guide, but YOU have to take the steps.   And I honor that.  I honor your commitment to the journey, and to yourself.  And that’s why we get the “unbelievable” results — without the dangers of pharmaceuticals and surgery.

I see myself in mothers who want to do right by their children, but hesitate, because they are just not sure they can set aside the precious funds for it, especially when they’re already paying for drugs, hospital visits, and other interventions.    I’ve wondered:  What can I do to make it easier for them?  How can I get them in my office, so that together, we can watch their children heal and blossom?  And see the maternal worry evaporate?

And so, I decided to set aside another 7% of Chiyu Center’s last year’s gross earnings to cover consultation and other service expenses for children of 12 with chronic or complex disease, whose parents wish to have my help with integrative, natural, or East Asian medicine in the coming year.

This means that if you have a child with asthma, a heart condition, DBA, anxiety, colic, chronic ear infection, teething pain, digestive issues, or any other issue, your child (up to age 12) can see me for FREE, starting January 1st, 2018.

I can provide nutrition advice, test supplements for compatibility with your child, suggest safe herbal medicines or homeopathy, give your child shonishin acupressure, reiki, and other gentle treatments, and teach you how to continue the gentle treatments at home.   The only thing parents will have to pay for is any product or medicine.

This policy will be in effect for as long as the money lasts.  Perhaps, by next year, we will have the funds to also make the medicine free.

Also, at some point in the coming year, I hope to set up a non-profit so that funding for this project can be done through an official 503(c) organization.   (If anyone would like to be on the board or otherwise help, just reach out!)

Helping people achieve health that they fear is out of reach is my passion.   I love seeing fear and worry turn into confidence and strength!   And this is especially true with children.   I’m so glad to do what I do, and am grateful to have this opportunity to serve you in an even more profound way.  It’s ALL because of you!!!

So much LOVE to YOU and our growing Chiyu Center community.   If you haven’t been in to the new clinic and would like a tune-up with acupuncture, to test your supplements for your body chemistry and energetics, to are curious to try injection therapy for a pain problem, please reach out!!  I’d love to see you.

And if you’re still feeling fabulous (yay!), PLEASE remember Chiyu Center when your friends, family, or colleagues need help with an injury or disease.   There is always reason to hope — especially when we integrate the best of our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Yours in Love, Light, God, and Health,




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