Constitutional Facial Acupuncture®

So much more than cosmetic!

Erika F. Marie, LAc received her certificate in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® from Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, the developer of today’s most elite techniques for modern, safe, and effective acupuncture facial rejuvenation.  Mary Elizabeth Wakefield is currently the recognized global expert in facial acupuncture.

What does “constitutional” facial acupuncture mean?

During her certification in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture®, Erika learned much more than how to insert needles into the delicate areas of the face and neck.  In fact, if your acupuncturist is merely sticking your wrinkles full of needles, you’ve got a big problem!  According to East Asian medicine theory, certain characteristics of facial aging are related to excess or deficiency of fundamental energies.  In Constitutional Facial Acupuncture®, we get to these roots of the problem — the energies that, over time, have become so imbalanced that they are manifesting as sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dull complexion.  In this most advanced form of facial acupuncture, we analyze which of these underlying fundamental energies are out of balance.  When we provide treatment, we restore vitality not just to the face, but also to the entire body.  In order to optimize your treatments and get the best possible results, your Constitutional Facial Acupuncture®provider may also make nutritional (dietary) recommendations, herbal recommendations, and other lifestyle adjustment suggestions.  After all, the skin is an organ.  To be its healthiest and most radiant, your skin needs to be properly nourished, hydrated, balanced, and supported from the inside out.

Facial Benefits of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture®:

  • Reduces symptoms of Bell’s Palsy, TMJ (tempormandibular joint dysfunction), and neuropathiesfacial rejuvenation
  • Aids recovery of stroke patients
  • May improve collagen production and muscle tone through the stimulation of fibroblasts
  • Reduces bags and sagging tendencies
  • Fills out sunken areas (lost to illness or chemotherapy)
  • Reduces double chin and sagging neck
  • Lifts drooping mouth and eyelids
  • Eliminates puffiness, edema, and bags under eyes
  • Tightens pores
  • Brightens eyes and may improve or sharpen vision
  • Increases local blood and lymph circulation
  • Improves facial color and provides more radiance to the skin

Constitutional (Whole-Body) Benefits:

  • Reduces stress and promotes total mind-body-spirit health & well-being
  • Treats menopause, perimenopause, PMS, and other gynecological issues (including hot flashes)
  • Improves acne caused by hormone imbalance
  • Helps relieve sinus congestion and headache
  • Normalizes thyroid function (hypo-thyroid and hyper-thyroid)
  • Treats diarrhea, constipation, and most digestive issues
  • Benefits the eyes, ears, and brain
  • Slows hair loss and hair greying
  • Relieves insomnia and reduces dizziness
  • Lifts depression and aids self-esteem

Would you call what you do an acupuncture “face-lift”?

No!  Absolutely not.  First, facial benefits such as lifting are not as dramatically instantaneous as a facelift.  To get the fullest and best results, a series of ten treatments is recommended.  That said, you will notice immediate improvement after the first treatment.

Second, acupuncture is natural, gentle, and works with the body’s innate healing abilities.  All of our masks and cremes are natural, organic, and based on herbal formulas.  We certainly do not use any toxins or chemicals.  Unlike surgery, we do not cause damage that the face must repair; we stimulate the body to release and heal itself.

Third, what we do is not a “face-lift” because we can guarantee that you won’t look “strange,” unnatural, or unlike yourself after acupuncture.  You will look more youthful, radiant, attractive, vital, clearer, and brighter.   After treatment, you look more like your true self.

How do you reveal the “true face?”

So much emotion is stored in the face.  Some of it is due to experiences; some of it is simply ancestral patterns and doesn’t even “belong” to you.  With acupuncture, we clear emotional and ancestral baggage so that your true self can shine through.  As you release decades of stored fear, tension, worry, and other emotions, your beautiful, pure “true face” is revealed.


But does it really work??

See for yourself!

constitutional facial acupuncture

What can I expect in a treatment?

Your initial Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® appointment will be 2-hours, and it will consist of an in-depth consultation plus a deluxe, 90-minute treatment.  Follow up Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® appointments will be approximately 90 minutes and will include everything below except the in-depth initial consultation.  When you purchase as a package, your treatment may also include two 30-minute Nutrition and Dietary consultations, and two Herbal Formula Evaluations.  (Please contact Erika to inquire about current packages.)

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® treatments typically include:

  1.  Initial Intake and Consultation based on Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Health Questionnaire (you will need to complete the forms online prior to first appointment)
  2.  Homeopathic preventative medicine to prevent bruising
  3.  Invitation to wash your face and neck with a one of multiple special blends of Muse L’ Herbal® or Zi Zai Dermatology® herbal cleansers, specific to your constitution
  4.  Application of an Muse L’ Herbal® herbal poultice (warm herbal treatment) to your face and eyelids according to your constitution and needs
  5.  Application of a gentle warming gel facial mask
  6.  Application of crystal stones to balance the energies of the body
  7.  Acupuncture of the body to balance your fundamental constitution
  8.  Acutonics tuning-fork therapy to assist in grounding, relaxing, and centering
  9.  Application of traditional jade stone rollers and/or modern acupuncture facial rollers
  10.  Auricular (ear) acupuncture for current health based on symptoms and signs, as needed
  11.  Facial acupuncture needles to directly address the face and neck
  12.  Application of Muse L’ Herbal® Masque Renewal herbal mask
  13.  Application of Muse L’ Herbal® Creme Vital with Essential Oil Vert
  14.  Application of your choice of hydrating Muse L’ Herbal® essential oil hydrosol

How do I know if my acupuncturist is certified in CFA®?  And does it matter?

First, a person certified in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® must be a true Licensed Acupuncturist.    Mary Elizabeth Wakefield is the founder and license holder to Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® and is the certifying authority.   Medical  Acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, estheticians, dry-needlers, and others who take abbreviated needle training consisting of only a few hundred hours or weekends are not allowed to certify in MEW’s Constitutional Facial Acupuncture.®  In Mary Elizabeth’s judgment, such persons do not have the fundamental training necessary to performing Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® safely and effectively.   In other words, to receive this high level training, the person must be a fully state-licensed, board-certified Licensed Acupuncturist.

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is not usually part of the regular course curriculum in a 4-year Master or Doctorate degree program for Licensed Acupuncturists.  To be certified in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture®, your acupuncturist must take at least one 4-day certificate seminar offered by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield or one of her personally-authorized instructors.

If you’re unsure if your acupuncturist is certified, you can ask him or her directly, or go to Mary Elizabeth’s website to find a certified provider.

The face is a very delicate area of the body.  It truly holds a record of our life experiences and sacred journey.

Your face should not be jammed full of needles.  Much of what passes as “facial acupuncture” is absolutely horrific to someone trained and certified in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture.®  Your face should not be puffy, swollen, discolored, or otherwise look “unhealthy” during or after treatment.  

If you receive facial acupuncture by someone who is not certified and properly trained, you may feel awful afterward treatment.  This means they probably used too many needles and did not truly understand how to do facial acupuncture.  We sincerely hope this never happens to anyone!  But it does happen.  If it happens to you, you’ll know why we say it is important to find a certified Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® provider.

After a true, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture® treatment, you should look and feel brighter, lighter, clearer, illuminated, radiant, and generally wonderful.

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