In April 2017, it was estimated that anxiety, depression, and debilitating stress affects 8.3 million Americans, yet only one-third are receiving any form of conventional medical treatment.   This is a huge problem for national wellness, especially as increasing correlations are found between depression, anxiety, life-satisfaction, and heart disease.

What does integrative medicine say?

From an East Asian perspective, depression, anxiety, and heart disease are clearly linked through the vital polarity axis of Summer (or Heart energy) and Winter (or Kidney energy).  In Chinese medicine, the Heart energy system is associated with anxiety, and the Kidney energetic system is implicated in depression.  Alleviation of stress, anxiety, and depression can be achieved by strengthening whichever pole has been weakened (which may be both), and by ensuring clear flow and communication exists between them.

From a social perspective, the rise in anxiety and depression makes sense.  As multi-dimensional people, part of our overall health is tied to our social health, which can be defined as our sense of true belonging, community, or family.  Numerous studies have pointed to a perceived decrease of “quality” or “invested” community as the use of social media, gaming, and other more casual or isolated forms of interaction have risen.

What treatments are helpful?

At Chiyu Center, we’ve found that several of our treatments are immediately and profoundly effective for relief of stress, anxiety, and depression.

These treatments include:

How soon will I feel better?

Most of our patients feel immense relief immediately at their VERY FIRST reiki or acupuncture treatment.

Sometimes after treatment, people feel like they need to go home and sleep.  This is a good sign — a sign that the brain is ready to do intensive physical healing that can only be done while the conscious mind is off-line.

Whether you feel illuminated or sleepy after treatment, it can be helpful to know that the full effects of treatment may not be felt until waking the next morning.  This can be especially true with moxabustion and reiki.

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How many treatments will I need?

It will typically be recommended that you receive somewhere between 4-8 treatments of acupuncture or reiki, depending on your unique situation.

For those who do not want to slip back into old patterns and are ready to maintain their newfound well-being, it will be recommended that you add-in other therapies, such as Chinese herbal medicine or homeopathic-spagyrics.  These medicines help prolong the effects of treatment, supporting new pathways of flow and healthier energetic patterns.

Our Medical Qigong + Heart Qigong will also likely be recommended.  This form of qigong is a self-empowering exercise that helps to calm anxiety, reduce stress, and lift depression.  It is a fabulous tool to have in your self-help tool-kit.

Will my first appointment be a consult or treatment?

If you are in Longmont, Colorado or the surrounding areas, you will be invited to book either an Initial Consultation + Reiki Treatment (75-min) or an Initial Consultation + Acupuncture Treatment (90-min).

If you live outside the Colorado Front Range and are interested in working with Erika, you can schedule an Initial Consultation + Remote Reiki Treatment.

If you have a complex, chronic condition in addition to depression, anxiety, or stress, you will be advised to schedule an Integrative Health Analysis so that we can serve you best.

How soon can you see me?

If you are looking to start care, the best way to get a priority appointment is to fill out an appointment request.  If that is not possible, it is recommended to call 720.593.1593.  Please allow us 24 hours on business days to respond to all requests for care.


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