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Let’s take a moment to talk about True Beauty.   At Chiyu Center, we know it is possible to get MORE beautiful with each passing year.  Come learn our secrets and the best integrative tools for facial care and rejuvenation, including acupuncture, herbal treatments, and more.  We will also give you the straight talk about botox, and show you why many people are choosing to “un-botox.”

In this engaging class, you’ll discover proven ways to reduce wrinkles, lift sagging areas, and improve skin tone.  How can we do this without surgery and paralysis?  Because we understand your body and face as an integrated physical-mental-emotional-spiritual-medical system.  We know how to release wrinkles and lift sagging skin tied to areas of tension and worry.   We also know that a big part of beauty is allowing the true radiance of your spirit to shine out.  You’ll be amazed and relieved to know that you can look years more youthful in an organic and gentle way.   And the best part?  It’s all you — you won’t look into a mirror and not recognize yourself.  Instead, you’ll see more of yourself – and the beauty of your “True Face.”

Erika loves prizes and presents.  So you can expect lots of goodies, just for attending!  In past classes, attendees have received door prizes valued over $55, the chance to win a FREE 2-hour Facial Rejuvenation Initial Consult + Treatment worth $325, and received HUGE savings on deluxe treatment packages.

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