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What is the Baduan Jin?

The Baduan Jin is probably the most famous piece of traditional Qigong that there is in China.  It is even on the list of the 4 different Qigong methods that are still legal to be practiced in modern China today. The title refers to the eight movements involved, the stretching of connective tissue and fascia, and how it is considered to be a valuable and refined exercise.

(You might see it referred to as Jin Ba Duan or Ba Duan Jin.   This is because of translation differences in language.  It is similar to how some countries use the adjectives before the nouns or the surname before the first name, and vice versa.)

Like with any exercise, different instructors offer slightly different versions of Baduan Jin.  Erika learned Jin Ba Duan during her four year education in natural and East Asian medicine.  She ensures the quality of instruction by keeping to the tradition of Baduan Jin that was taught to her by masters in the form.

Who is the Jin Ba Duan for?

light withinThis form is ideal for those who have diminished energy and vitality, who feel like they have “lost” a part of their youthful courage and “spark,” who are recovering from chronic or complex illness, and who are otherwise fatigued from having “burnt the candle at both ends.”

Symptoms of diminished yang energy include:  autoimmunity or chronic illness, painful joints or arthritis, “daybreak” or early morning diarrhea, difficulty or pain waking up in the morning, lack of energy and focus to accomplish tasks, feelings of depression or grief, or difficult post-partum experiences.

Traditionally, the Baduan Jin have been used to increase strength, boost vitality, open connective tissue and circulation pathways, increase joint “grease” and flexibility, and prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.

Why do you offer it in the Fall?

In East Asian medicine, we understand that a big part of being healthy is learning to live “with the seasons.”  Part of that wisdom involves eating with the seasons, which is a new health trend.  But we can take it further than just our food.  We can adjust other aspects of our lives to appropriately reflect the season — such as our sleep patterns and our exercise.

After the summer solstice, the hours of sunlight begin to dwindle.  Trees lose their leaves. But we know they aren’t dying.  fall pathTheir buds will emerge in the Spring as a testament to the vitality stored in their roots.

In the Fall, we see it in both plants and animals: a turning of energy inwards, a reflection of the natural movements of yang energy. Many animals prepare for hibernation; Perennial plants drop their “superficial” aspects and store their energy in their roots and bulbs.

As the yang energy returns to earth’s inner resources, we do exercises that move with it.  Our intention is to connect with and harmoniously capture this yang energy, consciously and lovingly storing it within us.

Both immediately after class and throughout the next few days, you will feel the benefits of having increased your inner store of yang energy.   The re-vitalizing yang energy will make us feel more uplifted, energized, free, and powerful.  Perhaps, however, its most important purpose will be for it to power our health through the difficult coming winter — keeping illness at bay and providing us the strength we need to emerge like the healthy plants do in Spring.

Is the Baduan Jin a beginner’s class?

The Baduan Jin is best suited for folks who have at least a little experience with qigong or basic yoga.   If you are interested in exercises to open and promote flow, which aids in detoxification and healing of organs and tissues, or you are brand-new to qigong or yoga, you might want to do Medical Qigong + Heart Qigong first.)

Who is this class not for?

This class is contraindicated in pregnancy and for children.  If you have questions about whether or not it is suitable for you, please contact us.

Is this class affiliated with a religion?

Absolutely not.  Qigong is based on both the ancient and modern understanding that all things are built of energy and vibration.  You don’t have to believe anything for this class to benefit you.  We won’t be calling upon, praying to, or even talking about anything spiritual.  Qigong exercise is a physical exercise that works on physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels.  It is fully compatible with all faiths, religions, and spirituality, including atheism.

What do I need to do to participate?

If you are already a patient at Chiyu Center and you have seen Erika at least once in the past year, you’re all set! All you need to do is contact us to reserve your spot.

If have not been seen at Chiyu Center within the past year, you’ll need to sign an online waiver to play.

Ready to try it? Great! What a good and self-empowering decision!

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