If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you have our deepest sympathy.  We know (firsthand) how traumatic it can be.  We know how upsetting it is to find yourself suddenly in constant pain, unable to do the things you love, and even experiencing trauma from the accident, such as fear, anxiety, and worry.

But please don’t worry.  We have great news:  You can have COMPLETE and QUICK pain relief & recovery.

Can we share a short story?  When Erika was pregnant, she was was involved in a car crash.  It was decided that it was the other driver’s fault, but that did not really make things any better.  What did make things better?  Getting expert, caring, and thorough care.   Chiropractic care was initially very helpful for her neck, which had been jolted out of place.  But the chiropractic care did not address the pain and tightness she felt in her muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Once the bones were back in place, it was the soft-tissue injuries that were the worst.  The over-tightened tissues kept pulling the bones back out of alignment.  And then, there was another aspect of the accident:  the fear, worry, and concern about how the accident could have negatively affected the baby.

Luckily, Erika had a wonderful and capable acupuncturist help restore her to health.  Soon after seeking acupuncture, Erika began to feel the car accident was actually a blessing in disguise.  Today, she knows it to be true, and she uses her experience to help others.  If you have been involved in a car wreck, give yourself the gift of Erika’s expert care.  We are confident you’ll end up feeling that your terrible experience was a blessing, too!

At Chiyu Center, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that make us the BEST CHOICE for auto accidents:  not only do we offer regular acupuncture, but we also offer cupping, guasha, and moxabustion.  These therapies do a few very special things:  they treat soft-tissue injuries, restore circulation, and replenish the deep levels of the body so that you can have energy you need to heal.  In addition, we have electro-acupuncture to help restore circulation through tissues that are resistant to healing.

But, what’s our best secret tool?  Injection therapy.   Using injection therapy, we have been able to immediately stop pain and achieve lasting results, even when MRIs and CT scans come back completely clear, and western medicine is at a loss regarding what is wrong.  What is injected?  Everything is natural, and nothing is dangerous.  First, we select from a combination of homeopathic medicines prepared specifically for injection, such as medicine for trauma, bruising, swelling, emotional upset, and tissue re-generation.  We add lidocaine for immediate pain relief, and a solution of sodium chloride (sterile water).  We are lucky that in Colorado injection therapy falls under the scope of acupuncture, because no one has greater experience with safe needling than an acupuncturist!  Injection therapy aids the healing of tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, and even scars.  The powerful and quick results will surprise you!

Erika has experience crafting sound treatment plans that will be sure to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time, without wasting a penny of your precious benefits.  Your treatment will be thorough and careful.  We will make sure that we don’t say “you’re all better!” until we are really sure that you are, and we will never cut off your care prematurely.  At the same time, we don’t believe in over-treatment.  We know your time is valuable, and so we pledge that there will be no unnecessary appointments.  We will keep a careful eye on your body, and we will keep the progress going strongly and steadily until the situation is completely resolved.

At Chiyu Center, you have every right to expect that your initial appointment will bring your pain down immediately from a 10 to a 2.   Of course, the pain will likely creep up again over the next few days, perhaps to a 7 or 8, and that’s okay.  We expect it.  We’ll keep knocking it back down until it gets the hint and is gone!  The best part?  We don’t cover up the pain with drugs.  We work with your body’s natural healing mechanisms to clear out the trauma and restore you to health.  

When you work with us for your Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), you can be sure that you are getting expert care and experience.  We know when to shift from one therapy to another, and we know how to work with your company to get reimbursement.  When you work with Erika for injuries sustained in a car crash, you should not have to pay a thing out of pocket.

When you get treatment from Erika, you’ll notice many positive “side-effects” from treatment.  You will have more energy, you will sleep better, and your mood will improve.  These are all natural results of good treatment for injuries.  How does this happen?  Because acupuncture is a whole system form of treatment.  In acupuncture, we understand that everything is connected.   When we improve circulation that has stagnated due to injury, the possibilities for whole-system improvement are endless!

You deserve to feel awesome in your body.  You shouldn’t have pain — and certainly not pain due to an automobile accident.  Let your insurance (you’ve been paying it since you were sixteen, after all!) go to work for you.

Chiropractic care and massage isn’t going to be enough to get you back to where you want to be.  We can help you get there quicker, by working together.

Call us today at 720-593-1593 — and ask to speak directly to Erika — so that we can turn your automobile accident from one of the WORST things that’s happened to you — into one of the BEST!