Curious what people are saying about Erika’s work? 

(Please note:  Names have been changed to protect patient privacy.  There are no guarantees to treatment.)


  • “You saved my life.  I really feel that you did.”  ~ Kacey, Doctor of Chiropractic, mid-30s
  • “I’ve had psoriasis since I was 13 years old.  In just two months, I got farther with you than any other doctor I’ve ever seen — and that includes other acupuncturists.  The psoriasis is almost completely gone.  I feel great!”  ~ Susan, 58 years old
  • “I don’t want you to get too excited, because the results are not believable given her MRI six months ago.  [Your daughter’s] cardiac MRI came back clear.  There’s absolutely no sign of iron in her heart.  It is unbelievable.”  ~ John, pediatric hematologist at Children’s Hospital  (the follow-up analysis proved that the results were correct, believable or not!)



  • “I’ve tried everything.  Your acupuncture has been the only thing that has helped my hand and wrist since the accident.  And with just one treatment!”  ~ Shannon, Doctor of Chiropractic
  • “I need to make another appointment with you! Your treatment is the only thing that stops the pain in my back and shoulders.”  ~  Susan, mother and EO consultant
  • “I pulled my quadriceps right before state track finals.  I was ranked third and needed to place high for college scholarship.  Erika gave me one acupuncture treatment and the pain was gone.  The next morning, I placed 2nd in the state!”  ~  Ann, high school senior
  • “I am a huge fan of your treatment, my hand has had NO issues since the treatment and I am sooo appreciative, its been a long time that it hasn’t hurt even a little bit!  Thanks again for the chat, it was enlightening and meaningful and I can’t wait to come back in!” ~ Madeline, mother of three.
  • “First treatment was 40% improvement in my tennis elbow, 2nd treatment was another 30%.   I barely feel it.  And I spent all day at the ocean, clamming.” ~ Mark, chiropractic doctor
  • “What did you do to me?  I’ve been waking up in excruciating back pain for months.  It took me 10 minutes just to sit up.  The day after your treatment, I woke up pain-free.  I still have no pain, and its been two months!!”  ~ Ben, landscape and irrigation manager
  • “You are providing an incredible service to the community.”  ~ Laura, yoga instructor, after Happy Hour Acupuncture
  • “That was… bliss.”   ~ Natalie, yoga studio owner, after Happy Hour Acupuncture
  • Conversation during a second private acupuncture treatment:

     Erika:  “So, how was your back on your vacation to Disneyland?”

     Charlotte:  “No pain.  I walked the entire time and no sciatica.”

     Erika:  “Great! And your wrist? How’s that doing?”

     Charlotte:  “Nothing, no pain.”

     Erika:  “Shoulder?

     Charlotte:  “None.”

     Erika:  “Seriously?

     Charlotte:  “Okay, maybe if I… no, nothing.”

     Erika:  “Charlotte, I gave you one treatment!”

     Charlotte:  “Well, its gone!”



  • “After two treatments, my fibromyalgia pain was down 80%.  After five treatments, I had no pain at all. I am still pain-free and its been three weeks since my last treatment. I feel great!” ~ Jenni, 45 years old
  • “During the treatment, I feel [the energy] moving through me.  My doctors are amazed.  I know this is what is healing the cancer.”  ~ Shelly, 33 years old
  • “I saw all these colors, especially when her hands were over my eyes and my heart.  I felt it flowing through me and carrying me. It was like I was in an ocean, floating.” ~ Holly, 31 years old
  • “When I woke up the next day, the depression was gone. And I hadn’t gone a day without thinking about suicide for 2 years.”  ~ Karen, post 9-11 Army veteran
  • “Very professional and friendly! Creates a beautiful space that helped me feel more open and receptive to the healing energy. Highly recommended to my friends. Will continue receiving treatments.” ~ Michael, engineer
  • “This was amazing. I will be back.” ~ Jacob, college student
  • “There was a huge surge at my heart.  I was lying on my back, and my whole body jumped like someone had put heart resuscitation paddles on me.  Something opened.  I felt…. loved.”  ~ Amy, Naturopathic Doctor
  • “Your Reiki is different than [another local provider’s Reiki in a different lineage.]  Don’t tell her I said it!  But it’s stronger.”  ~ Kevin, 40 years old
  • “I actually feel the energy.  A lot of people claim to do Reiki, but I’ve never felt anyone’s energy work before.”  ~ Jacob, Licensed Acupuncturist
  • “I could tell the exact time you started and stopped doing the Distance Reiki.  I’m not sure what I expected, but I could feel it!” ~ Jessi, 45 years old
  • “The Distance Reiki Treatment worked just as well as in-person Reiki Treatment.  I could barely believe it.  Thank you!”  ~ Molly, age 34



  • I couldn’t sleep.  I just couldn’t go back to sleep.  I tried prescription medicine and all sorts of natural remedies.  I didn’t like the way the sleep meds made me feel and the melatonin wasn’t enough.  The medicine Erika gave me worked.  I now sleep the whole night.  I don’t even need to take it anymore!”  ~ Molly, 64 years old
  • “Tachycardia runs in my family.  My tachycardia was so bad that they put me on a monitor and were talking about beta-blockers!  A week after I started the medicine [Erika gave me], my tachycardia and anxiety were gone.”  ~ Danielle, 27 years old
  • “I would have this feeling like something was stuck in my throat, and it would happen sometimes when I was out at lunch with my girlfriend, or sometimes for no reason at all, but when it happens I have to get up and walk around, it’s really uncomfortable, and scary.  I get afraid that I can’t breathe, and it really feels like something is stuck in there.  But it went away immediately after I took the medicine.  I still carry the medicine around in my purse, but it’s only happened once or twice since then.  And the medicine stops it immediately.”  ~ Sharon, 60 years old
  • “I had PMS cramps so bad I could not get out of bed.  Nothing could touch it.  The Chinese medicine changed everything.  My cramps are nothing compared to before.”  ~ Rachel, 28 years old
  • “I had cardio-pulmonary syndrome.  I underwent tests and x-rays.  There was even talk about cancer.  It was really stressful.  I took one dose of the medicine Erika recommended and the pressure and pounding in my chest and neck were gone.  And that was that.”  ~ Terry, Chiropractic Doctor


  • “Erika was a great teacher and healer of Reiki. I learned a lot from my experience with her, and the treatment was very enjoyable; I felt the beneficial healing energy immediately and all throughout the course of the treatment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in finding out more about Reiki or for those interested in becoming Reiki healers.” ~ Isobel, Naturopathic Doctor
  • “Erika’s Reiki training is amazing.” ~ Angeline, Naturopathic Doctor
  • “The Second degree [Reiki II] Attunement was — there are no words! Thank you so much. I’m so grateful to have experienced this, to have this in my life.” ~ Valerie, Naturopathic Doctor
  • “I’ve looked around and checked into all the other Reiki practitioners offering training in the area and what you had to say resonates the most with me.  I want to do it with you.  If the next training won’t be for awhile, that’s okay.  Keep my deposit.  I’ll wait.” ~ Greg, architect



  • Just being around Erika is medicine.” ~ Carissa, Licensed Acupuncturist
  • “Erika is different. She is a real healer.” ~ Ken, kombucha brewer


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