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If you’re interested in working with Erika Marie, you’re in the right place!  Erika sees patients at her clinic, Chiyu Center, in Longmont, Colorado, USA and consults virtually around the globe.  Complete the form below and if Erika believes she can help you, we will contact you with New Patient Questionnaires and get you booked for your appointment.

Have questions?  See our FAQs at the bottom of the page.

Filling out the form below is the quickest way to care.  Submitting this form does not create or constitute a doctor-patient relationship.  We are not able to accommodate all requests for care.  Fields marked with an asterisk(*) are required. 

Before you submit this form, be sure to check out our clinic polices and values.  If you have any questions about the process or need help, please contact us at or (720) 593-1593.  We will respond within 24 hours on business days.   We look forward to working with you! 

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How do I know what type of treatment I need?

Great news:  You don’t have to!  Knowing the most effective integrative medicine options — and how to best incorporate them — is our job… and we love doing it!  We live integrative medicine.  We’ve done our homework.  And we are tapped into a high-level integrative network, continually learning the latest advancements.  When we make our recommendations, we consider vast amounts of scientific research, the best of ancient medicines, our own in-depth clinical and personal experience, and your feelings, thoughts, and preferences.

We are super-thorough about this work because we’ve been there.  We care.  How could we not?  We value you.  We’re talking about your life, health, and happiness.  We are here to support you and provide the highest level of care.

How much will treatment cost?

Just like any other doctor’s office, we first need to know whats going on with you and what you want to do about it.  Please fill out the confidential form above.  If Erika believes she can help you, she will call you to discuss your health needs and goals.  Then, she can recommend the best starting point for you.

We are happy to provide a copy of our fee schedule upon request.  Please remember that treatment plans are individualized.  We typically honor a commitment to a treatment plan by combining therapies as a package, which provides a significant investment savings.  At Chiyu Center, we offer truly exceptional care that cannot be found anywhere else.  We stand in our value.

General Policies:  We do bill auto insurance for Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) injuries.  We do not bill health insurance (such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield).  We are happy to provide superbills to submit to your health insurance for reimbursement and we encourage you to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) with us.  Please see our Financial Policies for more information.

Will we be a good fit?

We are not a fit for everyone.   We are for folks who are open, self-responsible, and willing to do the work.  People who are open, self-responsible, and willing to take action are our kind of people — they’re our fellow survivors, fellow every-day heroes, and they are ones who get the best and most amazing results.  (AND There are a lot of us out there!  Check out our testimonials.)

Please see our clinic values to determine if you think we’d work well together before you reach out to schedule.

When will I be seen?

If we decide its a good fit, we will do our best to get you into the clinic within the next 7-10 days.  Until then, hang in there!  If you haven’t worked with Erika, there are effective integrative therapies you haven’t tried.   Don’t give up on your body, or your dreams for your future!

At Chiyu Center, we adore working with people who are actively invested in their health.  You will find that we will match you 100% in your dedication and commitment to achieving your heal, beauty, and wellness goals.  Our goal is to get you happy, healthy, and out of our office!   We can’t wait to hear that you are living a life you love, living your dreams, living in a body you love, and are out there giving back, contributing your unique gifts and talents to your communities.


It’s amazing what happens when we connect.

Apply online to get seen ASAP!  Longmont Acupuncture