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You are one-step away from pain, anxiety, and autoimmune relief!  Call 720.593.1593 to get your life back.

Chiyu Center is Erika F. Marie, LAc’s trusted clinic for

Exceptional Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, and traditional Usui Reiki Energy Medicine.

New Patients may start with … 

1) a Private 30-min Consultation (@ Old Town North)

2) a Private 90-min Consult + Private Acupuncture/Reiki Treatment  (@ Old Town North) or …

3) Community Acupuncture (@ Main St.)

Unsure? Find out where you should start by calling 720.593.1593 for a complimentary 10-min phone consultation! During your FREE phone consult, you will be able to explain why you are seeking treatment, Erika will listen and offer how she can help you, and you’ll both find out if it is a good fit!

Erika is an active member of Longmont’s community, the mother of a gorgeous 4-year-old whirlwind, a leader in the field of acupuncture and integrative medicine, and she loves helping people.  If she can’t help you, she’ll point you in the direction of someone who might.  So, no worries!  You CAN heal.  Call Erika at 720.593.1593 and she’ll help you get started.  Or, see how she’s already helped others like you!
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Chiyu Center is Longmont’s “go-to” spot for expert acupuncture and integrative medicine consultation.

Old Town North:   Integrative Health Analysis, Integrative Consulting, Private Acupuncture Treatments, Reiki Energy Treatments, Nutrition Counseling, Herbal Medicine, and more!  (Address provided to New Patients upon confirmation of appointment).

Main Street: Chiyu’s Community Acupuncture (a deluxe form of small-group acupuncture), Medical Qigong, and Reiki Healing Classes.  Located inside “The Meditation Place” at 324 Main Street.  Please park in the back parking lot and enter at the back entrance — it is white and decorated with Tibetan prayer flags.  (Please note that Chiyu Center is not affiliated with any religion.  We honor all faiths and recognize all religions as Good and Healing.)

Learn more about Chiyu Center’s founder: Erika F. Marie, MSOM, Dipl. Ac, LAc.

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If you have not tried acupuncture for your headaches, pain, anxiety, depression, neuropathy, autoimmunity, gut health, or other health concern, you don't know what you're missing! You don't have to live a painful or restricted life. Call today and start truly living again!