All prospective patients are invited to take advantage of a free, 10-minute phone consultation with Erika F. Marie, LAc.  

Schedule your complimentary consultation by calling: 720-593-1593.

(New to the idea of Integrative Medicine?   Watch Erika’s video where she explains how ancient and modern medicine REALLY DO fit together in a way that makes sense!)

Old Town North Services:

Integrative Health Analysis (IHA)

If you suspect autoimmunity, have a mysterious or chronic illness, or have been misdiagnosed, this is where you will find clarity and resolution!  Erika’s unique and comprehensive method of Integrative Health Analysis is a whole systems perspective like nothing else.   First, you will fill out a private and  personal Comprehensive Health Questionnaire.  Then, you will meet with Erika for a 30 minute consultation, where you will have the opportunity to elaborate on your answers in the questionnaire, as well as your health.  At this point, Erika will start putting all your seeming “disconnected” health issues together.   A week later, you will meet with Erika again, this time for a 60-minute consultation.   During this second meeting, Erika will present the visual map and flowchart she has created for you.  You will suddenly see how it ALL MAKES SENSE.  Literally, all of it:  symptoms, diseases, illnesses, injuries, relationships, emotions, experiences, and more.  She will explain the direction needed to initiate healing, and how treatments and lifestyle changes will shift to resolve many, if not all, of your symptoms and distress.  Want to learn more?  Check out her video on the IHA.

Private Acupuncture

Private acupuncture treatments are scheduled as either 60-minute or 90-minute treatments.  They are all-inclusive for physical and energetic bodywork therapies such as reiki, cupping, shiatsu, tuina, electro-acupuncture, moxabustion, guasha, etc.  Selected therapies are dependent upon time, indication, patient preference, and practitioner discretion.  Depending on the length of appointment and indicated treatment(s), therapies may be applied to the front, back, or both sides of the body.  

Please note that herbal and nutritional consultations are not included with acupuncture treatments and must be scheduled separately.  Homeopathic spagyrics may not require a separate consultation.  If you are interested in homeopathic-spagyric medicine, please just inquire!

Usui Reiki Energy Therapy

Private reiki treatments are offered at the Old Town North location.  Reiki is often included in acupuncture, and can also be scheduled as a stand-alone appointment.

Herbal Consultation

Chinese herbal formuals are complex.  Therefore, most Chinese herbal consultations are offered separate from acupuncture.  

Nutrition & Supplements Consultation

Individual nutrition consultation is offered only privately.  Nutrition consultations are typically purchased as a package or series so that Erika can continue to tweak your diet and supplements over a 6-month period.  Great results turn into extraordinary results with nutrition and supplement consultation!

Pediatric Treatment (Shonishin acupressure & Reiki)

Pediatric treatment and consultation is offered privately.  Initial pediatric consultation and treatment for infants and toddlers is a 40 minute appointment and follow-up appointments are 20 minutes.  Older children are scheduled for 60 and 40 minutes, respectively.  Infants and children respond very quickly to these very gentle treatments.  Erika Marie has experience and success treating infants, toddlers, and children up to age 18 suffering from many different and hard-to-treat conditions, including behavioral, congenital, genetic, developmental and other challenges.

The bonus of treating children?  Healing a child relieves considerable stress from mom and dad, which means an entirely family is healed by simply healing one child.  If you’d like to see more, check out Erika’s video on how acupressure and Shonishin works!

Private Instruction in Qigong, Meditation, and Breathwork

Private instruction in qigong, meditation, and breathwork is available.  These appointments are typically scheduled immediately after a private acupuncture treatment, when circulation and flow is most optimal and open.

Main Street Services:

Community Acupuncture

Chiyu Center’s Community acupuncture is a deluxe, high-end version of community acupuncture.  It offers immediate relief of sports injuries, pain (such as back or knee pain), anxiety, insomnia, and depression.  Treatments are provided on ergonomically designed chairs imported from France.  These nearly zero-gravity chairs reduce pressure on the neck and spine and improve cardio-vascular circulation.  Gentle heat and therapeutic sounds combine to optimize your recovery.  The same tiny, highest-quality needles used in private acupuncture are used here.  Needles may be placed on the scalp, ear, or extremities of the body.   No guasha, cupping, electro-acupuncture, or moxabustion is available during community acupuncture.

Community acupuncture allows Erika to see up to three patients in one hour.  Patients are scheduled every 20 minutes.   Patients who wish to be treated together (such as best friends, spouses, or other close persons) are welcome to schedule and arrive simultaneously.  Please wear loose-fitting clothing that you can roll to up to your shoulders and over your knees  – there is no disrobing at this location.

Usui Reiki Energy Therapy

Reiki treatments can be added-on to community acupuncture for an additional fee.  If you do not want acupuncture, you can receive Reiki treatment only.

Reiki Healing Classes 

Maximize the benefits of prayer and meditation with Reiki.  This class is compatible with all religions and faiths. It is ethical and safe.  To start, Erika leads a healing visualization.  Then, she provides Reiki Energy treatments while class participants practice quiet meditation, contemplation, or prayer.  Therapeutic sounds aid healing and transformation.  Ideal for anyone recovering from serious illness or for improving spiritual connection.

Medical Qigong + Heart Qigong Classes 

A safe, gentle form of exercise that helps to open and improve flow and circulation in both the energetic and physical body.  This class is offered outside at Roosevelt Park during Spring, Summer, and Fall months, and inside at the Main Street location within “The Meditation Place” during Winter.