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Exceptional Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, and Reiki Energy Medicine

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Welcome!  “Chiyu” (pronounced “chee-you’) means “healing” in Japanese.   Chiyu Center is Erika F. Marie, LAc’s integrative wellness and acupuncture clinic, where she brings the Best of East and West together in Longmont, Colorado — just a short drive from Boulder, Erie, Firestone, and the gorgeous Rocky Mountain Foothills. 

Erika is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado and Oregon.  She consults at two locations in Longmont, Colorado and via webcam, phone, or Skype. 

  1. Old Town North:  Chiyu Center’s primary location is a dedicated, boutique-style acupuncture clinic space at Erika’s private residence.  At this location, Erika offers the finest in private acupuncture and Usui Reiki energy treatments, herbal medicine, nutrition counseling, Integrative Health Analysis, and more.  Address is provided to new patients upon confirmation of appointment. 
  2. Main Street:  Chiyu Center’s secondary location is a bright, renovated space inside “The Meditation Place” in downtown Longmont, with exposed brick walls and skylights.  At this location, 324 Main Street, Erika offers expert, high-end acupuncture at an affordable price.  She also offers Reiki Energy Healing Classes and, in the winter, Medical Qigong + Heart Qigong classes.  (She leads Medical Qigong + Heart Qigong outdoors in Roosevelt Park during spring, summer, and fall months.)

New Patients are welcome to start by scheduling one of the following:

  1. New Patient Consultation, 30-minutes @ Old Town North, $90
  2. Initial Consultation + Acupuncture / Reiki Treatment, 90-minutes @ Old Town North, $160 ($180 starting January 1, 2017!)
  3. Happy Hour Acupuncture, 60 minutes @ Main Street, $50 New Patients / $40 Established Patients (+$15 to add-on traditional Reiki treatment)

Not sure where to start?  10-minute Phone Consultations are Free!   Discover if working with Erika is a good fit for you.  Learn more about options and pricing.

* Anyone is also welcome to join Medical Qigong or Usui Reiki Energy Healing meditation!  Visit Chiyu Center’s Meet-Up Group, Longmont Integrative Health, to see times and RSVP via the class and event calendar! *


Happy Hour Acupuncture:  Thursdays:  3:30-6:30 pm

Saturday Morning Acupuncture:  Every 2nd Saturday: 9 am – 12 noon 

New patients must schedule an initial appointment to fill out digital (electronic) intake forms.  Returning patients are welcome to walk-in.

The Main Street Location is at The Meditation Place, located at 324 Main Street.  If driving, your best plan will be to approach from Kimbark Street, entering the parking lot across from Longmont’s Civic Center and Public Library.  You’ll cross the small alley separating the parking lot from the Main Street buildings, and enter at the back of the building, at a small, white entrance decorated in prayer flags.  (Please note: There are a small series of steps leading up to the entrance of the building.  Chiyu Center is not affiliated with a religion.  At Chiyu Center, we are love and honor all religions and faiths.  We view all prayer and meditative traditions as Good and Healing.)

Private Consultation & Treatment:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays:  9 am – 12 noon.  Evening and weekend hours available by request. 

New and returning patients must always schedule an appointment, as Old Town North is located at Erika’s private residence.  Address provided upon confirmation of appointment.  Like the Main Street location, there are a few steps that lead up to the front porch.

Ultimately, “Chiyu Center” refers to much more than a building or organization, because the true center of healing is always within you.  Erika has been honored to partner with some extraordinary patients to facilitate “unbelievable” returns to health.  She is much more than your typical acupuncturist — she has the personal and clinical experience, education, and skill-set necessary to get you back to your best.  So, don’t worry — even if your doctor cannot help you and does not have any answers for you — you’re in the right place!  Learn more about Erika at her website.

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